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ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya 

Chelsea Jubilee is the co-founder, CEO, visionary, and driving force behind the company Energized Health, which is dedicated to helping Americans optimize their health at the cellular level. With over twenty years of experience in operating businesses. The Southern California native, along with her Co-founder husband John Jubilee, is pioneering cellular health awareness. Energized Health utilizes a protocol to reduce the need for medication, prevent disease, and reverse ailments. Chelsea Jubilee aims to develop a company to help people get healthy in body, mind, and spirit.

Mrs. Jubilee focuses on understanding the harm of cellular trauma and its effects on weight gain. Mrs. Jubilee has experienced trauma and abuse in her early years and has brought it to the forefront of her career, using it to inspire others. For years, she researched the processes governing cellular functions to unravel the mechanisms implicit in cellular trauma and the repercussions on overall health. Her discoveries shed light on the connection between external stressors such as toxins, stress, and environmental factors and the cellular response, which can result in vulnerability to damage and resilience.

Chelsea Jubilee

“When we don’t resolve trauma, it can lead to disease, stress, anxiety, and a number of different health issues,” explains Jubilee. “Find someone to speak to about trauma you never really dealt with – whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional. It will do your body good.”

Jubilee’s research into inner-cellular hydration and weight loss has implications ranging from enhancing overall well-being to nurturing cellular health. As a holistic health advocate, Jubilee’s work transcends traditional medicine by building a proactive approach that empowers individuals to safeguard their cellular vitality through lifestyle choices and intervention. With her expertise guiding research and practical applications, individuals can unlock the secrets of cellular resilience and vitality.

Chelsea Jubilee will tell us about the master class, the step-by-step process of Energized Health, cellular hydration, and its benefits, their resources, and more.

Tell us about the master class experience and how it works.

The Masterclass provides five shifts people need to make to change their thinking about health and wellness. Most people are only concerned with the weight on their scale. The reality is that should be the last of their concerns; it should be about what matters inside that number.

Take us through the step-by-step process of Energized Health, from the free consultation to going forward.

After watching MasterClass, people are armored and equipped with the knowledge they did not have before. From there, they can get a free consultation call with one of our master coaches to discuss their specific health concerns and how we can help them achieve their goals and eliminate the need for any medication.

Please explain the benefits of cellular hydration and how it affects overall health and well-being, specifically weight.

most people are dehydrated at the cellular level many times, people think that you only need to drink water to get hydrated, but that is not true. It’s equally important how much water is getting into the cell. when cells are hard like marbles, it’s very difficult for hydration to get through as well as Nutrition. However, when our protocol is utilized, it allows the cell to become soft and porous like a sponge. Then, the Selle acts like a mini filtration system, filtering out all the unhealthy toxins trapped in the cell and allowing for healthy hydration and nutrition. The body is mostly water when cells are hydrated. Every organ functions as it should. Women should be 55% hydrated, and men should be 60% hydrated because they have more lean muscle mass.

Please walk us through the 88-day protocol and what it entails.

The protocol focuses on three main pillars of health and wellness: mind, body, and spirit. All three need to be paid attention to and optimized. Our daily protocol will take you on a journey to achieve mental, physical, and spiritual health. We do that by focusing on each of these pillars individually and wrapping them into one easy-to-follow protocol. 

‌What are some of the resources Energized Health provides during the process?

We provide a launch kit with everything you need to get started on the protocol. A client will get access to all of our science and resources through our dashboard, which is very easy to follow and use. They will also get a day-by-day instructional video that is easy to follow. A personal success coach is also included in the protocol. Additionally, every Tuesday, my husband and I, who are the founders of the protocol, get onto a coaching Zoom call, so there are two touchpoints per week per client. We are also very big on community, with Facebook and internal community groups.

John and Chelsea Jubilee

Could you explain to us the challenge coming up in August, what these days entail, and their health benefits? 

We spent five days breaking down each of the pillars addressed in the earlier question around mind-body and spirit. We give detailed scientific information and breakdown how to apply that in your daily life. we talk about how making changes will allow you to lose 5 pounds of fat and only five days on our challenge.

What is your goal for expanding and spreading the word about cellular hydration? 

Our first goal is to educate the population on how health and wellness are influenced by a number of different factors, not just weight. We highly encourage people to sign up for our challenge and become VIP members because from there, they will be able to have a device shipped to their door that measures their overall hydration as well as some very important other health markers.

Energized Health has become an opportunity for better health choices. Using Chelsea Jubilee’s expertise in guiding research and practical applications it has unlocked the secrets of cellular resilience and vitality. For more, please visit or follow Energized Health on Instagram for consistent content and information.

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