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10 Questions with songstress Arika Kane!

[caption id="attachment_1099" align="aligncenter" width="636"]The beautiful Arika Kane on the Throw It All Away cover. The beautiful Arika Kane on the Throw It All Away cover.[/caption] The beautiful Arika Kane on the cover of  her single  “Throw It All Away.” There are several components that make a reality show pop. A few of those are, the cast, the story lines and the catchy theme song that you can’t get out of your head. Singer, songwriter and producer Arika Kane has brought just that with her unique sound. Arika Kane’s voice has been heard on VH1 on 40 plus shows, including the hit shows Hollywood Exes and the newest spin off that everyone is talking about Atlanta Exes. With empowering, positive lyrics and amazing R&B and Pop influence Arika Kane is motivating her listeners to live their best life and taking over your soundwaves! You are quoted as saying “Music is the bedrock of my existence,” and you began singing at 10 years old! Who are some of the artist you listened to growing up that influence your current sound? Janet Jackson, Michael, Whitney, Mariah, Dru Hill, Aaliyah, Alicia Keys and my mother introduced me to the greats like Stevie Wonder & Chaka Kahn! As an artist, I know that music is often drawn out from life experiences, what are some of the good and bad experiences that you’ve endured that you’ve used to compliment your songwriting? The bad experiences would be all my obstacles as a woman whether in relationships and love which you can hear about in my song “Bcuz Ur Lonely”, or when fighting on the battlefield of the music industry… which you can hear more about in my song “Fight 4 Ur Life”! Both from my Album Substance. Tell our audience what they can expect from your latest release “Throw It All Away.” “Throw It All Away” is an uplifting record with a catchy/commercial vibe. It is the perfect song at the end of the day when your ready to get rid of all of the days stress & all that may have gone wrong, and celebrate what is going right..! It’s available now on Amazon, Google Play & Itunes. Being a role-model for young women do you find it hard to find a happy medium within the industry seeing how a majority of today’s music caters to the opposite of what you represent? Not at all… It makes it easier & motivates me more actually. I use to get upset about why the music is now so de-valued, and everyone especially female artists are being put through the same machine. However, in the process of writing my new Album ” Thru The Veil ” I realized, wait… this lane is wide open for a reason, so I am now stepping in completely and taking a leadership role. I realized with my music, I am creating a space for young women to feel empowered & love who they are and command respect in their lives. VH1 has been a huge supporter of your music. You’ve been heard on shows such as Love & Hip-Hop; Single Ladies and Hollywood Exes and now their spin off Hollywood Exes -Atlanta. Which of those shows is your favorite? Good question..! I seem to really love Hollywood Exes. Those ladies are hilarious & really know how to have fun. I adore Nicole Murphy. She is a cool chick,..like myself!I am very grateful for all the support from VH1 & my amazing fans! You’ve worked with ​16 time ​Grammy​ nominated Brian McKnight on a duet “It’s There,” what was that experience like? Did he have any advice for an artist who is on her way to getting a Grammy? It was magical for sure, very organic. He really took off with the melodies & put his soul and heart into it. The song seemed so natural for him, as every song does. He definitely has been through a lot within the music business, and so have I so it was nice to connect with him on that as artists, because many people don’t see or know the dark side of business. [caption id="attachment_1097" align="aligncenter" width="432"]It's There ft. Brian McKnight (currently on the international radio top 10) It’s There ft. Brian McKnight (currently on the international radio top 10)[/caption] What other artists would you love to work with? I’d love to work with Adele, Alicia Keys, Justin Timberlake, Neyo, Nas You did an amazing tribute to the late Aaliyah and sang “Rock The Boat.” What about the R&B sound resonates with you? Thank you,.. It’s the combination of rhythmic instrumentation with blues chords/feeling infused is always so enticing! It really gets to the emotion and the core, or it can make you wanna break out in dance. Do you have any hidden talents or other forms of entertainment that you’d like to partake in? I would love to try acting one day, always wanted to play the role of someone like Judy Garland. I’ve always been intrigued by her story & life. That would be a dream for me. My main priority is to help other artists in the future, and inspire women through my music & my journey.. What can we expect to look forward to in the future from you? An outstanding Album titled ” Thru The Veil ” releasing September 26th on Amazon, Google Play & Itunes. My fans are in for a treat because they have never heard Arika Kane this un-veiled & fearless!!! XOXO [caption id="attachment_1098" align="aligncenter" width="270"]Thru The Veil Arika Kane album “Thru The Veil” expected to release September 26th![/caption] Be sure to get your copy of Arika’s album “Thru The Veil.” Be sure to follow an tweet her on twitter, she is very active with her fans, showing them love and appreciation as they have continuously shown her. ​  ]]>