Omar Thompson Breakout Artist Comedy Series at Carolines on Broadway


Omar Thompson Breakout Artist Comedy Series at Carolines on Broadway


The location, Caroline’s on Broadway in New York City and the headliner for the night is Omar the Comedian. Who is Omar The Comedian you ask? Just one of the hottest comedians taking over Harlem and more. Born and raised in Harlem, Omar Thompson is taking the comedy scene by storm. As an up and coming comedian through the years, Harlem has embraced his humbleness, comedic genius and his ability to make you feel like you have known him for years. His introduction was followed by a standing ovation that screamed the years of hard work and support that he has built. The support and love in the room rumbled more than that of a breakout artist. Noticeable loyal fans and newcomers were in attendance in this packed venue and ready to get their laugh on. One of his many jokes included his description of his 7 year old niece, to which he described her mannerisms to that of a grown man. Many were crying in tears of laughter as Omar’s antics had you feeling as if his niece was present in the room. He uses real life situations, past and current relationships that you can relate to or have heard similarly through a conversation with a friend. He makes you laugh at his situations and honestly your own as well. The entire crowd was engaged at his comical, yet relatable situations. With hilarious and all too familiar facial expressions, Omar had the audience attention.  He talked about how he was booed several  times at the Apollo theatre in Harlem. As he spoke you can vividly see his the entire scene with the MC booing his mom for comforting him. This type of comedy makes you keep reality in mind because it has a familiar feeling, besides being stomach clutching funny. The show was an enjoyable  and you got more laughs than you paid for guarantee!  And ladies… he is definitely that caramel delight with a bright smile. Can you say handsome, funny, educated with the ability to give you hope. He gives you hope that struggle, hard work and perseverance can lead to success and even greater success. Omar wasn’t afraid to share his troubling times before his career started. His ambition makes you want to celebrate his continued success in the comedy game. Always thanking his fans, you appreciate his sincerity. People are always stopping him to show love and acknowledge his comedic presence. Omar is approachable and the community’s comedian. He constantly keeps us laughing with new material, upcoming endeavors, weekly shows and always finds time to give back to his community. The  headline for Caroline’s was “Breakout Artist” but the love and appreciation in the room screamed “Rockstar Comedian”! You can catch Omar every Thursday at Dinosaur BBQ’s in Harlem. To stay up to date on future shows and endeavors follow on facebook at, follow on twitter and instagram @omarthecomedian. Written By: Ese Ofurhie]]>


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