The 5th Annual Fierce Fabulous Unstoppable Conference 2019

( ENSPIRE Events ) Ebk Events Partner with the African American Chamber for The 5th Annual Fierce Fabulous Unstoppable Conference 2019

The 5th Annual Women’s Conference will be held in New York City. The Executive Leadership Conference is the most comprehensive conference of its kind. With practical teaching from experts from the community, corporate, healthcare, and entertainment. The Fierce Fabulous Unstoppable Executive Leadership Conference will be commemorated locally at the Brooklyn Hilton on Sunday, June 2nd 9am-5pm through a rich diversity of initiatives, celebrating women’s accomplishments, and potential, while reflecting on this year’s theme “Reclaiming our Time,” Technological advances, mobility of labor, and globalization can bring unprecedented possibilities for women if they have access to relevant education and training.

Half of the workshops are sowing the spiritual seeds needed both mentally and innately to yield success from within. The other workshops are segmented with an industry-specific approach, conference attendees will learn specifics about their particular industry. Ebk Events partnered with the African American Chamber to host this dynamic conference which features exhilarating workshops, discussions and networking opportunities at which attendees explore ideas and trends in real estate, stocks, and business. “I am extremely delighted to share my story with young black girls like myself here today, who didn’t feel pretty growing up,” said Miss America.

More than 100 business professionals discussing business strategies, career
development, wellness mixed with an exceptional list of panelist including JP Morgan Chase Desiree’ Kinney, City Council Candidate Farrah H. Louis, Hon. Judge Lisa Ottley, Celebrity Clothing Designer Racquel Mills, Award-winning Financial Literacy Expert Jatali Bellanton and a list of other exceptional women. Keynote Speaker, Collette Smith, NFL Coach 1st African American female coach in franchise history. The organizers are committed to advancing women in leadership roles by providing programs dedicated to high-achieving women or budding entrepreneur while providing younger professionals with mentorship opportunities. See what topics to look forward at this conference:

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