Rapper Trae Tha Truth Launches Cubby Love Bears’ Newest Bi-Lingual Learning Tool ‘Zoli’ In Time For The Holidays


( ENSPIRE Community ) Rapper Trae Tha Truth Launches Cubby Love Bears’ Newest Bi-lingual Learning Tool

Celebrated humanitarian, civic leader and recording artist Trae Tha Truth, is also co-owner of an educational, English and Spanish speaking line of teddy bears called Cubby Love Bears. The innovative toy teaches kids words and phrases in both languages simultaneously through a simple click of the bear’s paw. Just in time for the holiday season, creator and co-owner Tameka Maiden and Trae are announcing that Cubby Love Bears will introduce “Zoli Tablet & Smart Phone Holder”. The innovative product can cradle a tablet or phone in both portrait and landscape mode, allowing kids to watch their favorite shows, YouTube channels and apps hande free. “Zoli” grasps phones and tablets, keeping them steady so that the child can enjoy watching movies on his or her favorite device. The newest edition of the Cubby Love Bears line retails for $34.99 and is available in several colors. Consumers can visit https://cubbylovebears.com/store/ to purchase today.

The Cubby Love Bear line of bilingual bears also offers a set teach kids different words and phrases in English and Spanish, a set that will teach colors and another set that introduces the days of the week and months of the year. 

According to Cubby Love Bear creator Tameka Maiden, “We also have a special edition that was created for the nonprofit organization U’Neek & Gifted named after Trae’s son D’Neeko, that will help special needs kids, if they have challenges communicating they can press different parts of the bear’s body to learn and express.”

Cubby Love Bears were created with the goal of bridging the gap in early childhood development. The conscientious brand focuses on exposing children to foreign languages that most boys and girls typically do not engage until they enter high school.

“The ideal age range for a child to learn other languages is when kids start talking- there’s research that shows that learning languages can help with their cognitive patterns and some argue that it makes them smarter,” Maiden added. 

Cubby Love Bears are cute, cuddly learning tools made with lots of love and a great deal of thought. The colorful and safe collection of bears will not only be an effective means to build a child’s English and Spanish vocabulary, but they will also become a friend for years to come.

“I’m all about giving our children the tools they need to be successful and it’s never too early to start learning, what better way to teach than with a toy that kids will be drawn to like a teddy bear?” Trae Tha Truth adds.

The new “Zoli Tablet & Smart Phone Holder” retails for only $34.99, the entire Cubby Love Bear product lines range from $19.99-$59.99. For more information or to order Cubby Love Bears today email info@cubbylovebears.com.