Jasmine Byrd Gives Back To The DC Area Schools


( ENSPIRE Feature ) Jasmine Byrd is Committed to Building a Bigger and Brighter Future For Our Youth!

STEM represents science, technology, engineering, and maths. “STEAM” represents STEM plus the arts – humanities, language arts, dance, drama, music, visual arts, design, and new media. Jasmine is the owner and creator of Party Time STEAMing Engineers©️ a curriculum and program designed to teach Science, Technology, Engineers, Arts, and Math. The curriculum and program are designed for children ages 2 – 10 years old.

She says, “I enjoy working within the realm of education and investing in our youth through building relationships and providing educational exploration opportunities. I have worked as a kindergarten teacher, in the secondary school system (high school SPED), and I also work as an educational researcher. I have conducted city-wide research on postsecondary opportunities as well as national research workgroups. I am vested in creating opportunities for all children and improving the system and its functions.”

She continues, “With the Public Charter School Partners my team and I come to the Schools and Child Development Centers to provide Makerspace Out of School Time Programming for PCS. We also provide School Time STEAM Academic enrichment as well.”

Here are five reasons STEAM should be implemented early on
– Early STEAM exposure develops an interest and knowledge base for STEAM it enhances inquiry and provides scientific literacy.

-Kids exposed sooner will be far less intimidated by more complicated teachings in the future and more willing to pick up advanced studies in the subjects later on in school and life.

– Industries and occupations focused in the areas of STEM generate many of the innovations which improve productivity across the workforce. They are essential to the modern business complex.

– When you allow kids to actively participate in their learning, they’re more likely to enjoy it, engage in critical thinking, and learn from the experience.

-Young children are naturally curious. They ask a lot of questions about the world around them, and it benefits them to stimulate that inquisitiveness for problem-solving and learning.

Party Time’s STEAMing Engineers Makerspace is a part of the educational process because it provides a creative outlet for children to explore education. The Makerspace incorporates the Core Curriculum Subjects such as Literacy, Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. The Makerspace allows students to build on the knowledge that they have while gaining and processing new information. Kids are learning but it’s not restricted to a desk, chair, and teacher insisting on which way is the right way. The Makerspace does not have a typical A function, and life is not A Typical. There is no wrong or right way to reach the answer or produce a product. The Makerspace fosters individuality and personal expression.