Fashion is a Timeless Statement at The Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show


( ENSPIRE Fashion ) Fashion is a Timeless Statement at The Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show

ENSPIRE Contributor: Embraia Fraiser

Fashion for most people is all in what’s trending and in the now. Some may think once it’s outdated it’s no longer the best thing out. Of course, they are wrong since once one style dies out, it always gets reincarnated to something more beautiful. As once said by The Great Gatsby “I Think It Great Old Sport”. The Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show was all about discovering styles some may consider in the past but a fashionista or a lover of authenticity would apply to today’s trend. The show entailed over 80 of the best vintage clothing vendors and antique holders throughout all of the 50 states in one common area.This year’s show was held at The Metropolitan Pavilion, and the venue perfected the art it was featuring. The display was filled with energetic vintage seekers, enthused with the idea of exclusive, fashionable art. The show had everything from Gatsby to groovy, sleek sheer dresses to Afrocentric decorative drapes. The store was done well over with vibrant colors and designs as well as people. Sellers such as Lisa Victoria expressed that she specializes in a love for 30’s vintage sexy sleek and old Hollywood glamour. She loves to collect vintage clothes that have never been worn from some of the most famous apparel stores such as Gucci. Style is not only in the clothes it’s also from paintings and sculpture. Think of it as a portrait made by Pablo Picasso, kept in mint condition and never seen before. As you can imagine it’s expensive and worthwhile. Some adore classy clothing others marvel at the sight of antique jewels, and precious metals. Over 45 different options of original vintage to look through and The Manhattan Vintage Clothing Show couldn’t have given us enough. You’re sure to find timeless and beautifully constructed clothing and antique textiles.  No worries the Manhattan Vintage Show will come again later this year. Be sure to check it out October 19-20, 2018 at the Metropolitan Pavilion. ]]>