Entertainment-Focused Programming Service Philo Features Streaming From Top-rated Channels to Create a Better TV Experience


( ENSPIRE Feature ) Get To Know More About Cord Cutting and PHILO

ENSPIRE Contributor: Re’Dreyona Walker

Since being launched in November 2017, national streaming TV service Philo, which pioneered the entertainment-focused “skinny bundle”, continues to bring entertainment value across the country. Philo provides entertainment, lifestyle and knowledge content via 59 channels from partners like VH1, MTV, BET, OWN, Lifetime, HGTV and so on. Subscribers can stream their favorite programs live from wherever they are in the U.S. on the most popular platforms including computers, iOS and Android, smart TVs, and services like Roku, AppleTV, and FireTV.

Inspired by Philo T. Farnsworth, the inventor of electronic television, Philo was created to build a better TV experience. Founded in 2009, the company was previously geared around delivering broadband TV over college campuses and is now available nationwide after shifting to reach a general consumer market of cord-cutters. Offering subscribers dozens of top-rated television channels for a low monthly subscription, the service has the single-plan structure of a $20-per-month Philo package. As there has been a huge trend toward cutting cable in favor of streaming services due to costs and channel offerings, Philo’s 59 channels for $20 a month is fairly inexpensive when it comes to streaming TV.

If that weren’t enough, Philo contains exciting features as subscribers can stream on up to three devices at the same time, as everyone who shares the account can create their own profile and have their own sign-in credentials, saved shows, and viewing history. Subscribers also have the freedom to watch the way they want with an unlimited 30-day DVR, a deep on-demand library, pause any live channel, start programs from the beginning, and watch programs that have aired in the past three days for no additional charge. More of their features include:

  • Streamlined interface, intelligent search, and easy, but powerful functionality to save and follow your favorite shows.
  • Easily share links to favorite shows—right from within the platform. For non-Philo users, signing up and watching is as easy as entering a phone number.
  • A seven-day trial that you can start in seconds with just a phone number.

To access Philo, TV fans can trial and subscribe at philo.com, free for seven days, by using just their phone number to get started and begin watching their favorite entertainment programming within seconds. After your trial, your subscription begins. You can cancel at any time, and your card will never be charged if you cancel before the end of your free trial.

Philo also plans to layer a social platform onto the future version of its streaming service and continues to add value for subscribers with powerful new features and functionality. Watching TV will be a shared socially-driven TV experience for the first time on Philo. Some of the social features coming soon are:

  • Social Discovery: See what shows are popular with your friends and family.
  • Synced Viewing: See what shows friends and family are watching and join them to watch together. Or, see how far your friends and family have watched to avoid accidental spoilers.

To find more information about Philo and how to stream, visit try.philo.com/.