Organizations Across the US Have Stepped up to Address the Growing Needs of Millions of Americans


( ENSPIRE News ) The Non-Frontline Fight Against Covid-19

ENSPIRE Contributor: Tyler Burns

During these tough times many non-profit organizations have stepped up and helped in tremendous ways in addressing/supplying the fight against Covid-19. From supporting food banks to transporting medical supplies, to straight-up donations many local and national non-profit organizations have stepped up to help fight this pandemic. The light should be shone on these non-frontline workers as well as the frontline medical personnel because together they both illuminate the courage they’ve displayed throughout these tumultuous times. It would a full novel to explain, give credit, and thank all the various non-profit organizations that have stepped up. Here are several that have made tremendous impacts on communities throughout this pandemic.

Feeding America is the biggest hunger-relief organization in the United States and it supports upwards of two-hundred food banks across the country. It’s stepped up its support of these food banks throughout this pandemic. Feeding America is helping food banks deliver emergency food boxes & deliveries while they shift towards drive-thru and mobile operations to help feed people throughout this crisis. Feeding America is doing great work to help feed thousands of Americans during these tougher times.

Meals on Wheels is another organization dedicated to helping feed Americans throughout this crisis but they are helping our vulnerable elderly population. Our most vulnerable population is the elderly throughout this Covid-19 pandemic. They deliver food safely to their own homes to ensure they remain isolated, safe, and healthy. Meals on Wheels is another great organization that is dedicated to helping one of our most vulnerable populations throughout this crisis.

The National Domestic Violence Hotline has amped up its operations to address the growing rates in cases of domestic violence across the country. With stay-at-home orders keeping families home these cases have unfortunately begun to happen more often. No one should feel unsafe within their own home and being forced to stay with an abusive partner is torturous. This organization has stepped up to address this growing crisis. The hotline has helped victims create safe plans to protect themselves and their children while also connecting them with more direct and local resources. The National Domestic Violence Hotline must be acknowledged for helping thousands of people throughout these stay-at-home orders.

The National Domestic Workers Alliance is another organization dedicated to looking after another vulnerable population. Domestic workers, most of whom are women of color and immigrants, often don’t have access to quality health insurance and sick time and this has tremendous effects during these tumultuous times. These nannies, house cleaners, and home care workers need help because of the financial troubles they are facing and this organization is dedicated to helping them.

From N.D.W.A. website

Many more non-profits deserve thanks and acknowledgment for the dire services they’ve provided throughout this period. I don’t have that much space but it should be acknowledged that many more are out there, currently, helping supply and support our frontline workers fight against this pandemic. The non-profits mentioned above duties vary but one common thread amongst all of them is the expansion of duties and operations to address a threat of this magnitude and we thank them with all sincerity possible.