Veronica Villanueva – Cancer Survivor, Bestselling Author, and Mindset Belief Coach


( ENSPIRE Feature ) Veronica Villanueva Has Been Cancer-Free For Three Years and Living Her Best Life While Inspiring Others

ENSPIRED Contributor: Kyla Yates

Veronica Villanueva’s #1 Amazon bestseller book “The Grace of Cancer: Lessons in Humility and Greatness,” published March 17, 2020, inspires and educates audiences to embrace a holistic lifestyle built on a commitment to personal growth, healthy dietary practices, and creating memorable moments and loving relationships, especially with oneself.

“Believe it or not, cancer was the best thing that happened to me”, Veronica explains. Veronica was less than one year into an ‘empty nest’, her “amicable” divorce turned deceitful, and she received the diagnosis of terminal metastatic Stage IV4 Lung cancer. This trifecta of emotional pain, suffering, and diagnosis became the turning point that catapulted her into a new authentic passion for life.

Photo: Veronica Villanueva

Today, three years later, Veronica is thriving, with no signs of the disease in her body. As one of our generation’s pioneers in combining holistic wellness practices with mindset, Villanueva is a CEO/Entrepreneur by trade and a conscious health leader in the wellness revolution by choice. As a trained Cordon Bleu chef, certified Integrative Nutritionist, Cannabis & CBD Product Creator, and Mindset Belief Coach, Veronica offers lifestyle secrets and custom services designed to optimize your wellness.

Readers of “The Grace of Cancer: Lessons in Humility and Greatness,” learn the root cause of cancer as well as practical steps to balance and heal their minds and bodies. Veronica’s insider tips on how to use food and plants as medicine, augment the immune system with nutritional supplements, detox your internal and external environments, and assemble a healing team that supports goals leave audiences captivated and asking for more.

Photo: Veronica Villanueva

Topics covered within the book are:

  • How I healed cancer in my body by choosing to live
  • Strategies to boost the immune system while simultaneously detoxing
  • Tips to heal stress before the damage is done
  • Diagnosis vs Prognosis; Choosing your reality
  • Secrets to developing a badass belief in yourself
  • Empowering women to come “out of the closet” of perfection and guilt

Let Veronica be your muscle of hope for your healing and reinvention journey!

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