Marzi Wilson Utilizes Her Instagram Platform to Call for Donations to Campaign Zero


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) Marzi Wilson (@IntrovertDoodles) Turns from Doodles about Introversion to Thank You Doodles for Donations

ENSPIRED Contributor: Kyla Yates

Scrolling through Marzi Wilson’s Instagram account @IntrovertDoodles, one will laugh at how relatable many of her doodles are, learn more about different individual’s unique lives and mental health struggles, and admire Marzi’s cute drawing style.

Amidst the current horrors of racial discrimination, Marzi posted on her Facebook on May 29th asking for donations to the non-profit organization Campaign Zero. Since then, Marzi has posted a thank you doodle to her Instagram story for each individual who donates. For those who do not have Facebook, Marzi posts a doodle after they send her a screenshot of their donation confirmation page after donating directly to Campaign Zero’s website. As of June 3rd, Marzi has helped raise over $1,000 for Campaign Zero through Facebook.

As Marzi explains on her Instagram stories, Campaign Zero is a non-profit advocacy group “working for policy change to end discriminatory policing practices.” Campaign Zero is creating “research-based policies to end police discrimination.” Marzi encourages “if you recognize the need for change and want to find solutions, please check out their website.” As explained on their own website, Campaign Zero believes that “We can live in a world where the police don’t kill people by limiting police interventions, improving community interactions, and ensuring accountability.”

Aside from her recent advocacy for the end of police discrimination, Marzi has posted doodles educating readers on topics including mental health, understanding LGBTQ youth, bullying, S.T.D.s, sexual abuse, and suicide prevention. Her doodles range from the educational to the entertaining, but all carry a similar message of acceptance.

Marzi has published four books: “Introvert Doodles,” “Kind of Coping,” “The Little Book of Big Feelings,” and “The Introvert Activity Book,” which you can find on Amazon here. You can learn more about Campaign Zero here, and donate through Marzi’s Facebook or directly to their website. Follow Campaign Zero on Instagram @CampaignZero, and Marzi @IntrovertDoodles.