Introducing Honey Jarret Beauty, an Innovative Clean Beauty Brand

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( ENSPIRE Feature ) Jarret Lee and Cameron Kim Founded Honey Jarret Beauty Using Natural Ingredients to Boost the Health of Your Skin

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The increasing demand for clean cosmetics with natural ingredients has prompted veteran beauty industry insiders to team with expert dermatologists to create Honey Jarret Cosmetics. Honey Jarret’s products are 100% non-toxic and formulated with vitamins, minerals, and organic ingredients scientifically proven to boost the health of your skin. Honey Jarret never tests on animals and use FSC certified packaging that is environmentally friendly.

Honey Jarret derives its name from the innovative ingredients in its formulation – a tea named after co-founder Jarret Lee that is infused with superfood ingredients including the moringa plant, black tea kombucha, lemon myrtle, and manuka honey. The Jarret Tea blend is the liquid base in Honey Jarret’s Clean Cushion Foundation and its Clean Whip Cleanser. The formulation of Jarret tea is unique and was invented by Honey Jarret’s other co-founder, Cameron Kim who is an experienced beauty industry professional.

“We wanted to create products that enhance your natural beauty, provide flawless coverage, and benefit your skin at the same time,” Lee and Kim said. “Everyone should have access to clean beauty products so we made our cosmetics fun and affordable.”

All of Honey Jarret’s products are hypoallergenic and safe for all skin types. The moringa plant reduces the rapid aging of skin cells by eliminating active oxygen and can help prevent wrinkles, dark circles, and freckles from appearing. Honey Jarret maximizes those nutrients by using the entire moringa plant, grown strictly in a clean area of Laos. Black tea has been added to the Jarret Tea blend for its multi-beneficial B-spectrum vitamins and brightening vitamin C, while manuka honey and lemon myrtle have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to help with blemishes.

For now, Honey Jarret’s product line consists of the Clean Cushion Foundation that comes in four shades, the Clean Whip Cleanser, a Super Beau’Tea Mask, and Beau’tea Serum. Honey Jarret plans on expanding its product line to include a Lip Balm, Jelly Mist, and Cleansing Balm.

About Honey Jarret:

Honey Jarret is an international clean beauty brand designed for 21st-century living. Honey Jarret started with Jarret Lee and Cameron Kim, who met each other at a New York Fashion Show. They found they share a similar passion in beauty and decided to create a genuinely clean beauty brand for modern women who are confident, dynamic yet health-conscious. Honey Jarret products have been featured in Allure, Bazaar, and gifted in New York Fashion Week 2019, IPSY Glam Bag.

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