CEO & Founder Joni Rogers-Kante Strengthens Support For Women and Children Through SeneGence and The Make Sense Foundation


( ENSPIRE News ) Growing Philanthropic Support is Dedicated to Hospital and Front-Line Workers and Charities To Help Benefit Women and Children Through Products and Cash Donations

ENSPIRE Contributor: Megan Grosfeld

Under the leadership of CEO & Founder Joni Rogers-Kante, SeneGence and The Make Sense Foundation made charitable donations of over $5,929,674 in 2021. This was an increase of over $1 million from their 2020 donations. “Even as the world shut down, SeneGence strengthened our philanthropic support to hospitals and front-line workers, as well as to charities that benefit women and children with products, cash donations, and services,” explained Rogers-Kante. “The SeneGence family, The Make Sense Foundation, and our amazing distributors are grateful to be in the position to give back.” ENSPIRE was lucky enough to talk to the CEO of the foundations herself to get a better idea of the work that they do.

The Make Sense Foundation (MSF) was created as part of an overall plan to give back to the community and make a real impact on the lives of women and children in need. MSF has donated time, services, creativity, and funds to a multitude of organizations over the past two decades.

How does SeneGence empower women through its products and services?

Our products deliver on their claims. Women don’t have the constant burden of re-application of their color cosmetics throughout their busy days. This allows women to focus on the things that are truly important in their lives. Personal and professional development is more achievable when you look and feel your very best.

Why is philanthropy so important to Joni Rogers-Kante and SeneGence?

When I started SeneGence as a single mother, times were tough. (I mean really tough). Through the blessing of having good friends who will help I could provide care and shelter for me and my young son while I concentrated on first creating and then building SeneGence. It was during this time I realized the many needs of women and children in need. This served as the inspiration and resolve to ensure that every effort was made for the company and those who help to build the company to give back. The MakeSense Foundation was established so that the company and its distributors and employees can help and support women and children in transition within their own communities by nominating their favorite charity to be those to receive the funds raised and granted.

How does the Make Sense Foundation help women and children in need?

The MakeSense Foundation provides not only monetary donations to organizations through the fund-raising we do and through the proceeds of sales of specialized product offerings from the SeneGence product line, but we also donate millions of dollars in products annually to hospitals, women shelters, health and medical facilities and other organizations which support women and children through some of the challenges they may face as they reestablish their health, living situation, or career status.

What was the inspiration behind the founding of SeneGence?

When cradling in my arms my now oldest son who always reached up to touch my face and smear the makeup I had applied for the day, I thought to myself “why can’t someone create a product line that stayed on until removed and while on, helped to make skin more beautiful at the same time!?” This was truly the being of how SeneGence came to be!

How did you decide on the list of organizations you made donations to in 2021?

Our Executive Director of the MakeSense Foundation and the MakeSense Foundation Board, vets all applications we receive to assure those organizations are in alignment with the MakeSense Foundations Mission Statement to help women and children in need.  After a board vote, organizations may be gifted donations.

Ever since the company was founded in 1999 by Joni Rogers-Kante, the commitment to empowering women has remained the same. SeneGence’s nonprofit organization, The Make Sense Foundation®, regularly raises and contributes funds for women and children in need as part of the overall plan to give back to the global community. To find a Distributor near you or to get more information about SeneGence products and business opportunities, please visit their website here.

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