Shatava Lindsey – Stylist and Designer Makes Waves in the Fashion Industry


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) Shatava Lindsey Uses Her Platform and Her Passion for Fashion to Inspire Confidence in Women of All Sizes

ENSPIRE Contributor: Amanda Hirsch

Between being a celebrity stylist, clothing designer, and CEO of OurGlass, fashion icon Shatava Lindsey has made waves in the industry like no other. Shatava’s passion for fashion and her personal experiences with the industry influenced her to create OurGlass Custom and Boutique, a clothing brand gaining recognition for its unique mission and marketing towards women of all sizes.

We’ve all had the experience of going shopping for clothes and not being able to find something that fits right. Most popular clothing brands only market to women sizes 00 to 8, leaving women with curvy bodies feeling excluded and self-conscious. As a woman who has experienced this lack of representation in the industry, Shatava decided to launch her clothing brand OurGlass for women of all sizes.

Shatava celebrates and encourages women with curvy bodies to embrace their unique figures and love themselves fully and whole-heartedly. She openly states on the brand’s website that because her clothing is geared towards women with unique bodies, it is designed to fit to perfection and make the wearer embrace her curves and love herself.

Shatava has guest-starred on many talk shows to speak about body-positivity, the latest trends in fashion, and her brand. One talk show that she has been featured on repeatedly is Sister Circle. Sister Circle, for those of you that have not heard of it, is a daily talk show that intends to empower and inspire Black women to live their best life by addressing relationships, parenting, fitness, and personal finance issues. With the recent cancellation of the three-season long show, Shatava spoke about what being a part of it meant to her.

“Sister Circle was an amazing platform that allowed me to do exactly what I love, showcase how fashion can make you feel beautiful, both inside and out. Fashion has so much influence on our daily lives in understanding that when you look good, you feel good. This is the message that I always sought to relay on Sister Circle with my OurGlass brand or other brands on display.”

Through Sister Circle and the kindness and support of its hosts Tina Braxton, Quad Webb, Syleena Johnson, and Rashan Ali, Shatava was able to inspire women of all sizes to embrace their uniqueness and their beauty and to feel confident in their own skin.

“Because of this platform, I was able to reach so many beautiful and amazing women and for this, I am forever grateful.”

In May, Shatava released her brand ambassador program which now has almost 100 affiliates. With the stay-at-home order, she has pushed the brand to do online fashion segments for various media and television brands to continue to gain exposure. Most recently, she debuted her plus-size specialty line at the first-ever virtual Full-Figured Fashion Week, where she received much support and admiration for her featured items.

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