Rapper Cremson Uses Music to Serve His Community


( ENSPIRE Music ) Cremson hopes to impact his community by producing music with an emphasis on social justice.

ENSPIRE Contributor: Naba Wahid

In an industry saturated with performers and aspiring change-makers, South Carolina native Cremson has managed to successfully hone in on the intersection between music and social justice in order to combine his humble beginnings with his passion for freestyle and hip-hop. Along with Johnathan Mullins, Cremson created a New York production company Get It In Blood Music Group, LLC (GIIB). Cremson’s own music career has been geared towards creating a community of shared thought and experience among his black listeners and returning to a focus on altruism and positive thinking.

GIIB focuses on helping artists that are passionate about preserving black society and culture and aiding its release from systemic oppression and appropriation. Cremson explains that “We have to change the message in the music so that our kids will become that which we speak into them. Because they are a reflection of what is being spoken into them, presently. So, consequently, the talented individuals who have a great work ethic and believe in the vision of our people are the ones we support and go hard for.”

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Cremson has focused on social justice in his music with relative ease. In his own words, “I wouldn’t say that I’ve had any difficulties incorporating social justice into my music. I mean, if I’m telling an honest story, I have to include all injustices, social or otherwise. With the way we’ve been conditioned to lie to ourselves and others in this society, it’s no wonder some people don’t want to hear the reality of some of my songs. Lucky for them, I love to make constructive feel-good music as well.”

In general, his audience is widespread, diverse, and very receptive to his music, which he injects innumerable passion into.

Despite humble beginnings, Cremson has grown to promote adaptation and learning within the black community through his truthful and raw music that places emphasis on forward-thinking and honest passion. He encourages his audience to always strive to realize their full potential and be driven in such endeavors and explains that, “as long as there is an injustice to defend against, there will always be someone like me to fight it. We just need our people to care enough about the next generation more than they care about themselves to make a lasting change for the better.”

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