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An Advice Column Dedicated to Pushing and Elevating Women of All Ages


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) An Advice Column Dedicated to Pushing and Elevating Women of All Ages

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Q & A: Women Seeking Stability in the midst of a Pandemic

I decided not to go back to work. I want to start my own business and work from home. What advice would you give to a new entrepreneur who has held down a 9-5 for years prior to COVID-19?

I want to applaud anyone who took a leap of faith or a stab in survival to start their own business. It takes courage to start your own business, however, you have to allow for the good and the bad days with being self-employed.

New Entrepreneurs!!! You may miss your 9-5, however, think about this. When you worked for someone else, there was an invisible cap that you would’ve eventually hit, if you didn’t already. When you work for someone else, you will never become the CEO. You will only go as high as they let you. No matter how hard you work or how loyal, your work supports someone else’s vision. When you work for yourself, there isn’t a cap. There is no limit to how high you can go. This is the reward.

Also, if this pandemic didn’t teach us anything, it taught everyone how powerful the internet can be. We are in a virtual world for real! So, whatever business you start or have started, make sure that you can be found on the internet! Most people are NOT going out and just about everyone is cautious with face to face contact.

Here is a checklist to ensure that your business is properly on the internet.

  1. Invest in a Website. Do it yourself or hire someone.
  2. Make sure that your business and contact information is registered with Google, Yahoo, and Bing (Local Listings).
  3. Make sure that your Social Media Sites are up and running.
  4. Create content to advertise and promote your business.
  5. Make sure that you keep your private life out of your business life when it comes to social media! Do not mix the two.
  6. Work on your business every day. Consistency will help you remain focused, motivated, and will pay off!
  7. Look into resources that can help you in your business. Continuing education courses from home can really help you think outside the box when it comes to your business. Professional Associations and Groups can be a great way to build a “tribe” of likeminded individuals to keep the momentum going.
  8. Don’t forget to have a balance. Take time for yourself daily to relax and unwind. You will thank me in the end!

I noticed that my self-esteem has gone down since the beginning of the pandemic. I don’t dress up or even put make-up on because I am here stuck in the house. Honestly, I just don’t feel good about myself. What can I do to boost my confidence?

GET UP!!! Don’t allow the pandemic to invade your space. The space I am talking about is your mind, body, spirit, and home! Even though you are in the house, you need to understand that you are not in this alone! If you don’t feel good, you need to take some time for yourself! Treat yourself to bubble baths, aromatherapy, facials, or a new workout regimen! Try new things that you never tried before. Create a sacred space in your home so that you can feel better about YOU! Have a restaurant night in your home and wine and dine yourself! Find a new look for yourself to lounge in so when you are stuck at home you can still feel beautiful.

During this time, we need to focus a lot of energy on ourselves. Yes I said it! On ourselves! It is not being selfish, it is called “true self-love”.

I am nervous for my kids. What can I do to protect them more during this time?

According to NBC News writer Erika Edwards,

The beginning of the school year is coinciding with new data showing a startling surge in children and teenagers diagnosed with COVID-19, as a new report finds that nearly half of all pediatric cases of the disease were diagnosed in a single month.

Everyone is nervous for our children. We do need to take extra precautions in protecting our babies. It is important to make sure that they are constantly washing their hands and using hand sanitizer, wearing gloves in some instances, and of course, wearing a mask. This may be a difficult time for children because they may not understand everything going on in the world. They are wondering why they have to adjust to a new lifestyle of “the mask life” or “social distancing”.

Here are a few tips that may make things a little easier.

  1. Pump vitamins, fruits, and vegetables in their little bodies to boost their immune system.
  2. Whatever you do, don’t single your children out! Make it a family “group” effort. Push for everyone to be safe, stay healthy, clean, and to make decisions for the protection of the entire family unit.
  3. Talk about what’s going on in the world and the importance of family “sticking” together through the good and the bad times.
  4. You may be faced with making a decision about their schooling. Virtual schooling is okay! There are many cyber schools and online school programs that will keep them on the right educational path.
  5. Remember, we are all in this together. There are many parenting groups online that are used as a space for encouragement. Reach out! We cannot and should not live this “adjusted” lifestyle alone!

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