Young Father behind This Creative Daddy-Daughter Duo Business


( ENSPIRE Man Code 101 ) Baker Brandon Jones Turned His Unique Hobby into a Dream Job

ENSPIRE Contributor: Lucas Raskin

Baker and single father, Brandon Jones exemplifies the importance of creativity in business. His company, NSFW Pantry, which spawned from his hobby of mixing alcohol and pastries, has transformed into his hustle and a way to connect with and teach valuable life skills to his daughter, Malia. ENSPIRE has been in contact with Jones and he walked us through his world. 

Jones’ dream profession emerged from basic experimentation. His friend would routinely leave liquor at his home, and one day he tried baking with the alcohol to witness the effects and taste. After sharing samples with coworkers and friends, he followed his heart and started the NSFW Pantry. His menu includes combinations such as Lemon Cupcakes infused with Patron, snickerdoodle infused with Crown Royal Apple, and a Hersey’s Brownie doused in syrup, infused with Hennessy. Concerning his inspiration for new flavors, Jones remarked that “Ideas come from all around. Whether I’m out eating, watching a show, or a family member sends me a video the creative process can start anywhere and everywhere. A lot of my friends and family were the initial starting points based on what they consumed. I also have a large collection of cookbooks that inspire new creations.” 

NSFW Chocolate Cupcake Sample

The business currently releases products via online pop-ups. Jones brings his pastries to the Northridge Mall in The Valley, Fox Hills Mall in Los Angeles, or Open Book in Santa Clarita, where they are available for purchase. They also do delivery for special events if you get in contact with them through social media or their website. Safety concerns surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic have presented an obstacle to this cycle, yet Jones is not deterred and is using his time to expand into shipping products and expanding his social media presence.

In addition to working with cupcakes, Jones has been working and connecting with and raising his young daughter, Malia, who plays a role in the business. Malia helps with the non-alcoholic meal prep as well as branding. On Malia’s involvement in the business, Jones says; “My daughter is my everything so her being around and a part of this is the greatest motivation and drive for myself and the business. Showing her patience, growth, and hard work are definitely the keys to life that I want to show her but I also want her to have fun in her youth as well.”

Malia with Her Own Creation

In addition to his delicious pastries, Jones also serves inspiration. With the right amount of hustle, your hobby can become a dream profession. NSFW Pantry is emerging from the pandemic, ready to expand into catering and meal prep. To learn more about the Joneses and their business, check out their website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.