“Adultin” Series Showcases Mundane Adulting Experience


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) “Adultin” Series Creators Discuss Mundane Aspects of Adulthood and Gave Back to Their Community

ENSPIRE Contributor: Elizabeth Casillas

Navigating adult life can be complicated, and Paulette Marte, Kayla Clouden, and Malique Daniels have taken upon themselves to craft a space for exploring the confusing and ambiguous aspects of adult life.

“Adultin” is a digital series created in 2018 to show the sides of adulthood no one talks about, such as the failures and the setbacks that are part of the growth from teenage years to adult years. They have two variations of this series, the scripted and unscripted version. The scripted segments are a way for creators to share content as it relates to the topic, while the unscripted version gives the viewers interviews and real moments through an array of topics. In their recent Eclipse SZN, Malique Daniels takes a moment to reflect on how her loss of a job affected her not only mentally, but also emotionally. The series takes a glimpse into the lives of seemingly successful people that normalize the setbacks everyone goes through during their career.

Malique Daniels Co-Creator

Showing the negative and challenging aspects of “adulting” in natural and common light is the main goal of Adultin’. Growing up in their community, they observed how everyone “adults” differently, and there are different ways to achieve society’s version of an “adult.” Because of this difference in pathways and career choices, this digital series also strives to provide a platform for other businesses and creators to showcase their work as well.

Not only has Adultin’ been able to reach other content creators, but the girls are also using their platform to give back to their community. They have hosted webinars to provide knowledge on crowdfunding, and they are vocal on the importance of mental health in Black communities.

From left, Paulette Marte, Malique Daniels, Kayra Clouden

Currently, Adultin’ is working on a campaign to aid recent graduates in navigating the professional workspace. This campaign, called Now What To Set (NWTS), offers graduates tips on resume building, business, and other important areas related to career managing. They have a free resume template on linktr.ee/adultinseries and offer code #ADULTIN15 for a 15% discount off a resume refresh.