Cambry H Releases New Song “Goodnight”

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( ENSPIRE Music ) Cambry H Leaves a Bad Situation and Channels the Experience to Creates a New Song Everyone Can Relate to

ENSPIRE Contributor: Taylor Groft

Cambry H is a music artist that is known for his unique vocal stylings. He works with a wide variety of songs that cover different personal experiences that he has had. He tells stories through his modern smooth pop style. He is outspoken and transparent with his audience to speak his mind about what he finds important. Cambry H is a queer person of color who is very involved in the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement. He is working to bring awareness to the violence against transgender people of color.

Cambry H describes his music as “genderless,” “I make the kind of music that I want to hear. It’s relatable to everyone who listens.” Cambry H may have LGBTQ pride, but his music is made for everyone who wants to listen. A person doesn’t have to be LGBTQ to relate and enjoy his music. His music is supposed to be a feel-good space that everyone can enjoy. He wants people to be able to enjoy his music, no matter the situation. His music is adaptable for everyone, it brings out different emotions for each person because each song can mean a different thing for an individual.

Cambry H has released a new single, “Goodnight,” on Sept. 24th. This song took Cambry H 24 hours to start and finish. This song was a fresh start for himself after he left a bad situation. Working on this song was a way to move on. The song talks about how you can say “goodnight” to a situation and leave it behind. Cambry H feels that this song can bring different meanings for different people, which makes the audience feel a wide range of emotions.