We Wear The Mask Film Tackling Poverty


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Co-directors Tammy Thompson And Michael Savisky Discuss Poverty Effects and Social Programs on We Wear The Mask Film

ENSPIRE Contributor: Elizabeth Casillas

Millions of people struggle with poverty daily, and out of those affected, women are statistically proven to feel the emotional and mental impacts of poverty more than others. This can be damaging in a multitude of ways, especially when this impact goes unnoticed and brushed off by society. The movie We Wear The Mask works to raise awareness of this issue by following the lives of women in poverty

We Wear The Mask is a film focusing on the lives of Dominique, Veniecia, and Lou Ann. All these women have a different background and have made different lifestyle choices, however, what brings them together is a similar factor of poverty.

Dominique, Veniecia and Lou Ann

Dominique Waters is a struggling mother working at a fast-food restaurant to provide for her daughter. She works two jobs and is always looking for an opportunity to improve her life. The next character introduced in Veniecia Robinson who worked her way out of a housing project and has worked hard to be a chief financial officer at Mt. Ararat Baptist Church. Lastly, Lou Ann Ross depicts the lasting effects of poverty in the way she still keeps her old habits from when she was living below the poverty line.

All these stories have merged together to bring the themes of We Wear The Mask to life in the way both directors wanted it to be.

Co-director Tammy Thompson, founder of “The Poverty Chronicles” and Thompson Real Estate Consulting, who grew up in poverty wants to be able to shed light on modern-day poverty and what social service programs do to the people taking part in them. Michael Savisky, co-director, is the founder of Make Roots Marketing and he talks about how the idea for the film production after a promotional video for East Library Circles. He wanted to show the day-to-day lives of the women, and this included being a part of their personal lives in a way that did not influence the narrative.

Thompsons, Dominique, Veniecia, Lou Ann and Savisky

Thompson and Savisky created this film with 22 hours of footage and hope to utilize the film locally in their community. They want to open discussions surrounding the topic and help develop better social service programs and educate others on the structure of these programs.

The film premiered October 1st on Amazon Prime. For more information visit https://www.wewearthemaskfilm.com/.