Body-Sculpting Swimwear TA3 Changing The Game


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Designer Leila Shams Wants Women to Feel Confident in Swimwear 

ENSPIRE Contributor: Adriana Georgiades

Seasoned fashion designer Leila Shams has had an exciting career, from design-directing renowned brands like DKNY, Express, and Tommy Hilfiger to creating her eponymous label worn by the likes of Kim Kardashian, Kendall Jenner, and Nicki Minaj. Yet according to Shams, the highlight of her career has been the launch of her new swimwear line TA3, because of the newfound confidence it has instilled in her customers. “Making women love the way they look in a swimsuit has been the greatest thrill of my life,” she says. 

Shams was inspired by her own insecurities to create the world’s most body-sculpting swimsuit.  “So much swimwear is unflattering, flimsy, and unsupportive,” she says. “I see so many ‘inclusive’ swimwear brands showing a suit on a plus-sized woman that just doesn’t fit. If her bust isn’t supported, if there are bulges everywhere, then you’ve just sized up but you haven’t bothered to flatter her body.” In contrast, TA3 suits are crafted from compression fabric and a patent-pending construction that cinches your waist, flattens your tummy and lifts your bust.  “You’re never more naked in public than when you’re in a swimsuit. So, we should have these great, luxurious, sculpting pieces to wear so we can actually enjoy ourselves without thinking about things flapping around.” 

It took Shams over 3 years and hundreds of prototypes to find the perfect fabric. Inspired by surgical compression garments worn to foster healing after surgery, she was on a mission to find salt and chlorine resistant fabric that lacked stretch. Unlike traditional “tummy control” swimsuits that hide your body with draped fabric and conservative cuts, TA3 suits are sexy, modern, and show off your curves. The one-piece suits are all-black and come in three styles: zippy, lacey, and high-cut zippy. The matte fabric means it can double as a bodysuit and be worn with a skirt or jeans. 

The brand name reflects its mission. TA3 (pronounced Tee-A-Three) spells the word “eat” backward because Shams wants customers to eat whatever they want without stressing about wearing a swimsuit. A glance at the reviews shows she is doing just that, with customers, especially postpartum mothers, raving about the newfound confidence it has given them. With so many women skipping out on beach days or pool parties because they feel self-conscious, TA3 swimwear is giving women the power to live their lives to the fullest.