Tiffany Harris Self-Cared Her Way To Entrepreneurial Success


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Tiffany Harris Leaves No Room For Excuses When It Comes to Self-Care

ENSPIRE Contributor: Bailey Chambers

Tiffany Harris is serious about helping us all live out the self-care we keep talking about. Her work’s goal is to inspire people to take care of themselves. The licensed cosmetologist, occupational therapist, and lymphatic drainage specialist leave no room for excuses.  She fully believes in every person taking great care of oneself. 

The business owner founded Whip My Butta, inspired by her two daughters, an organics skincare and haircare company. She also runs The Wrapped Company on top of being a wife and mother to ensure everyone can feel as good as they look.

Tiffany Harris Selling Whip My Butta, Photo Courtesy of Instagram

Although she didn’t intend to make body butters, making people feel good was always Harris’s passion. “No matter what form my career has taken, it all ties back to making people feel great,” said Harris. “After honing in on self-care for my children, knowing that others have similar issues, I wanted to help them as well.”

Harris practices what she sells too. She uses her own products on herself and her family. “I also engage my children in a self-care regimen. I allow them to give input on scents as well. I give myself positive affirmations, and do the same for my clients. I want them to always think positive thoughts so that they reach their full potential,” said Harris.

Harris’s daughters using her skincare line, Photo Courtesy of Instagram

Her goal is to help each individual reach their goals fully through self-care. This positive business environment helps her business grow even more.”Once, when I was exhibiting at an event and knew no one in the crowd, a repeat customer of mine came by the table. It was so great to see her, but what I didn’t expect was for her to tell everyone there how much she liked my products. All of a sudden, I had people coming up and buying products out of nowhere! She had let them smell what she bought and everything. I was really blown away,” said Harris.

The end goal that Harris envisions for each client is constant self-improvement either physically, emotionally or mentally. “It’s about making sure you do what makes you feel good, and that doesn’t always have to be beauty and skincare. Just take time for yourself. Read. Reflect. Meditate,” said Harris. Follow Whip My Butta on Instagram for self-care tips and great self-care products.

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