Kelsey Nicole Nelson Talks “Betting On Yourself”


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Kelsey Nicole Nelson Sits Down With ENSPIRE To Discuss Women In Journalism And Sexism In The Workplace

ENSPIRE Contributor: Elizabeth Casillas

Award-winning broadcast journalist Kelsey Nicole Nelson has recently announced that she will be joining the Washington Football Team’s Digital Broadcast Team to host two new shows. The shows are “The Fit” and “The Life.” “The Life” will be going over aspects of the game in a lighter tone and merging it with pop cultures, while “The Fit” will focus on fashion and what the player’s wardrobes and brands look like. Apart from being a journalist, reporter and event host, Nelson has also kept up her work as a Professor at Doral College.

Nelson started off her professional career with interning in a wide variety of internships, but she recalls the NASCAR Diversity Internship as being the most difficult, and rewarding, one. In a couple of days she had to move to Charlotte to complete the internship with absolutely no connections in the area. 

This experience, and the ways in which it made her stick out when applying for other opportunities is the main reason why Nelson heavily stresses that internships are something every college student, with goals of making it in the news media industry, should strive to get. Specifically, black women should be reaching for the stars.

“Bet on yourself,” Nelson saids. Black women in media are oftentimes undermined and underappreciated. Nelson knows this well with her experience as a young black woman trying to get her start in this industry. She recalls hearing rejections more often than she could count. 

However, just because these things saturate society, women of color should still focus on themselves. Applying to any opportunity that comes their way, joining professional organizations and overall investing in themselves. 

The unbiased treatment of women in the news media and the fight for equality is far from over. 

“Some things have gotten better,” Nelson said on this topic. However, “in 2020 we are still having a lot of firsts for women.” 

With more and more women like Kelsey Nicole Nelson in the spotlight, being role-models for young girls everywhere, those “firsts” achieved in 2020 will not be the last.

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