Julie Gray Opens PLAYHAUS II In Houston


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Julie Gray Has Launched PLAYHAUS II In Houston, Texas To Merge Street Life With Modern Art Gallery

ENSPIRE Contributor: Elizabeth Casillas

PLAYHAUS creator, Julie Gray, is teaming up with rapper Fabolous for a new popup event taking place at PLAYHAUS II located at 1735 Westheimer Rd in Houston. The pair partnered up in preparation of PLAYHAUS’ second launch and a new line of seasonal gear. The gallery will be up for 6 months and tickets are available at the door. 

PLAYHAUS started as a way to bring street art to the modern art gallery. It was also a way for Gray to step out of her comfort zone and lean into her creative side. PLAYHAUS II strives to bring Houston street life into its building, and through that, strengthen the community ties present. PLAYHAUS II is a family friendly experience that merges traditional and contemporary aspects of art. After seeing the success of the first PLAYHAUS, and seeing the impact it had on people, Julie Gray knew she wanted to bring that to Houston.

Rapper Fabolous

The collaboration with Fabolous was something both parties knew they wanted to do. Both of them have been great friends for a while and whenever they could, they would meet up and hangout. It was only natural for Gray to bring him in the PLAYHAUS II world. The process of this collaboration was entertaining for both of them, and they had a chance to work with Takashi Murakamin for the merchandise sold at the event. 

PLAYHAUS has plenty more events planned out for the future. COVID-19 has not slowed down Gray or PLAYHAUS II. With pop-ups being a 6-month event, the community and those interested have plenty of time to absorb the gallery. Gray also plays an active role in the Houston community outside of PLAYHAUS II. She is the lead visual artist at restaurants in the Houston area and is proactive with city events and planning. 

PLAYHAUS II is an inclusive place where they welcome anyone with a love of art and creation. The city of Houston is prominently displayed through the art gallery, and its music, art, and culture are carefully crafted with every installation. Visit the PLAYHAUSTX website for more information on event venue and pricing.

te for more information on event venue and pricing.

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