Tijania “Tee“ Goodwin, Creator of The Divine Connections Agency


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Tijania Goodwin Talks About Purpose and Advocacy

ENSPIRE Contributor: Spencer Hatcher

Tijania “Tee” Goodwin, the founder of The Divine Connections Agency, is a certified event planner, empowerment speaker, and branding guru from Philadelphia. As both an altruist and a creative visionary, Goodwin extends her knowledge and talents to help her audience grow. Through The Divine Connections Agency, individuals can discover who and where they want to be.

This process is accomplished through creative directing, branding consulting, and coaching. To establish your brand is to master who you are as a person. Anything that matters is worth the risk. An all-around and dynamic person, Goodwin enjoys living her life fully and with intent. She uses her personal experiences to inspire others to stay determined and persevere through all hardships no matter how difficult they may seem. Her motto is “Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it up with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.” She is truly an exemplary of success!

Courtesy of @tijaniagoodwinexperience

What services does your company The Divine Connections Agency provide?
The Divine Connections Agency offers brand identity services through digital marketing as well as brand consulting services.  We assist our client’s in discovering their brand’s purpose to make sure their marketing is attracting the correct target audience.

What motivated you to start your company?
The motivation that inspired me to start my company was ME.  I realized that I was such an asset to so many people.  Every time I turned around, I was connecting people or businesses together for the better good.  I just love being creative and being a creative. It honestly helps me get through hard times.  When I am not feeling my best, I go straight to a pen and paper or my computer to write down my ideas.  This business is an outlet for me.  It helps me escape emotions like depression, stress, and anxiety.  The Divine Connections is my purpose.  It is what I was put on this very Earth to do. Help and guide individuals to discover their own purpose in life as well as their business.

How do you see yourself moving forward with your company in the future?
I see myself investing in a commercial property to bring everything to fruition.  I plan to develop a space where creatives can come together, gather, and produce amazing work.  I also see my team growing to the point where I do not have to be so hands-on, but still involved.  This will help me be able to focus on other projects that I want to share with the world.

What is important for others to know about Divine Connections?
I believe that others should know that this brand was built on PURPOSE. Every piece of this brand helps me walk in what I am destined to do and that is to help and connect others. Divine Connections also serves as a platform for many creatives to come together and build with one another.  It is the connection that is so DIVINE that makes us all prosper. 

Courtesy of @tijaniagoodwinexperience

Has your business been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic? For better or worse?
Of course, I do not like what this disease has done to many people but, I must say 2020 has been good to me.  Many individuals have decided to start businesses this year.  When you start a business, you need branding.  It is so important to connect with a business owner who takes pride in their work and value the customer/client at all times.  This is exactly what The Divine Connections exemplifies.  We treat these brands with respect and dignity but we also want others to support and love them too.  This year has altered my thinking and has helped me pivot my business in a good way.  During this time, I also created a platform that brings creatives together to work with one another to build a networking community.  These individuals are passionate about their crafts and they also love what they do.  They do not mind sharing their gift(s) with the world which spreads happiness and love.

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