Bishop Greg Davis’ New Single “Lord I Need a Miracle Right Now”


( ENSPIRE Man Code 101 ) Bishop Greg Davis’ Newest Single, “Lord I Need A Miracle Right Now” is Now Available on Streaming Platforms and YouTube

ENSPIRE Contributor: Anastasia Hanna

Author, TV personality, pastor and love coach Bishop Greg Davis has released a new single, “Lord I Need A Miracle”, which is now available on all major digital platforms; along with the official music video on YouTube. Last year, 2020 was tumultuous for many, and Davis feels that this song is the perfect anthem to start a new year in a new direction.

“Lord I Need A Miracle Right Now” was recorded during a live worship experience in Detroit, MI, and captures the authentic move of God through music. In the first half of the song, Davis leads the congregation in a musical declaration saying, “Lord, I need a miracle…” which transitions to, “Lord we need revival…” that smoothly transitions to a church classic, “I’ve got a feeling that everything’s gonna be alright…” with a special feature from Carlos Whitlow. The song is opened with a prayer and sealed with a confession of faith that “everything’s gonna be alright…”

Davis is one of the Founding Fathers of the Full Gospel Movement, founded by Bishop Paul Morton Sr. and now led by presiding Bishop Joseph W. Walker III.

Although in ministry for 35 years, for the last eight years, Davis has made a successful transition into the world of relationships and is known as an experienced and trusted voice in dating and marriage. He brings a wealth of knowledge with 20 years of experience, making him an impactful relationship coach to all. As a single man of five years, he also provides relationship advice on Instagram and his YouTube Channel, “When The Right One Comes.” What started as just a few popular tweets spiraled into a demand, thus creating a movement.

Davis is also the author of over a dozen books, including one by the popular title, “When The Right One Comes.” Greg Davis has been in media and television for over a decade, hosting numerous shows on The Word Network, the largest Urban Christian network in the nation. He now operates multiple live shows that garner thousands of views per week, including The Young Prophet, Young Preacher Movement, and When The Right One Comes: Men’s Perspective.

Davis’s objective is to use his positive influence and global platform to impact the lives of others.

You can watch Bishop Greg Davis’s official music video for “Lord I Need a Miracle Right Now” ft. Carlos Whitlow on YouTube. You can also check out his website or connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.