Robin Williams Helps You Organize and Monetize In New Entrepreneurship Course


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Entrepreneur and Creative Robin Williams Wants To Help Turn Your Skills Into a Business With Her Virtual Entrepreneurship Course

ENSPIRE Contributor: Abby Ladner

Writer, filmmaker, and entrepreneur Robin Williams has been able to channel her most harrowing experiences into creativity. She uses her work to express her most vulnerable moments, including the insecurity of her dark skin as a child and her struggles with finding financial independence, and in doing so, has created a career out of her creative passions. Now, she wants to help other creatives do the same. Through her new entrepreneurship course, Robin Williams hopes to teach others how to turn creative skills into sustainable careers, with the goal of impacting at least 100 creatives in 2021.

“Organize & Monetize Your Creativity” is a 4-week virtual entrepreneurship course that will help creatives transform themselves into entrepreneurs. Through this course, people from all creative fields will learn the skills necessary to create a profitable business out of their artistry. After completing her program, people will leave with the ability to combine their creative passions with newfound business acumen.

“My goal is to motivate creatives and business owners to get out of the ‘starving artist’ or ‘my little business’ mindset,” Williams says. “No! There is an abundance out here for all of us to make a profit helping others and doing what we love . . . The benefit of having this community is to offer support, tips, networking, and motivation, which ultimately lead to a life of freedom.”

With her course, Williams hopes to foster an environment in which people can have the support of a larger creative community while retaining their independence, saying, “I am passionate about the independence of creatives because I want to create a space where business owners and creatives, especially people of color, can succeed, excel, and build a legacy for their family.”

“Monetizing your skills can be difficult,” says Williams, “because a creative mindset is oftentimes at odds with a business one.” When trying to turn their creativity into a career, people tend to undersell their talents and feel guilty about the prices they’ve set. Furthermore, having creative skills does not mean you’re equipped to deal with the administrative and financial side of running a business.

“A lot of the work we do comes from doing what we love, and we would do it for free if we had to,” Williams says. “But that isn’t sustainable, so we are stuck between doing what we love and making a living . . . Shifting our mindset to believe that we can have both, a fulfilling service for others and a profitable business without ‘selling out,’ is where the opportunity lies.”

With her 4-week virtual course, Robin Williams aims to turn creativity into careers, allowing people to develop financial independence and create their own legacy. Creatives that wish to take their work and turn it into income or learn more about Williams’s work can find more information on her website.