Queen Afua Guide to Holistic Healing With “Sacred Woman” Relaunch

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( ENSPIRE Mind, Body, & Soul ) Celebrity Herbalist and Holistic Healer Queen Afua Encourages Health and Peace With 20th Anniversary Edition of Bestselling “Sacred Woman”

ENSPIRE Contributor: Abby Ladner

For years, Queen Afua has been guiding women through mindfulness, meditation, and holistic healing practices. As a holistic healer, she has reached celebrities from Jada Pinkett Smith to FKA Twigs. Most recently, she hosted a virtual detox with Mya. She has also reached thousands of women with her book “Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit,” which is now celebrating its 20th anniversary with an updated and expanded edition.

Now more than ever, people are turning to holistic healing as they strive to improve their immune systems and bring more peace to their lives. With her new version of “Sacred Woman,” Queen Afua responds to the new challenges of the world and the growing need to improve health and wellness.

Source: @QueenAfua on Instagram

“I wanted to celebrate the 20th anniversary of a book that has meant so much to so many women,” Queen Afua says. “I also had more to say.”

In the 20 years since “Sacred Woman” was first published, a lot has changed. Afua responds to those changes with the inclusion of two new chapters covering the topics of time and purpose: “Seshat (Sacred Time)” and “Meshkenet (Sacred Work).”

The first new chapter “talks about what happens when you’re out of attunement with time,” Afua says. “How much time do we have on this planet? How productive are you with your time? I also go into detail about why we should get into the habit of following the sun and the type of energy that brings us. For example, 4-6 am is a great time to receive a vision. Write that book early in the morning! The middle of the day is when you are making things happen. The hours of 4-6 pm in the afternoon are your time to retreat, get centered, and practice self-care. Reflect on your day so you can have a better day the next day.”

Source: @QueenAfua on Instagram

“Most women aren’t living out their purpose,” says Afua. “So they become depressed, stressed out, and confused. You have to get in tune with yourself in order to make a living.” Afua hopes to help women solve this problem with her book’s second new chapter, “Sacred Work.” In this chapter, Afua details how to find and live out your purpose, and especially important lessons after a year of uncertainty and turbulence.

To find health and peace through holistic healing, purchase the 20th Anniversary Edition of “Sacred Woman,” available March 2nd. For more information on Queen Afua, visit her website here. Find her on Instagram @queenafua.