Janell Stephens’ Camille Rose Beginnings and Future


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Founded in 2011 From Janell Stephens’ Kitchen, Camille Rose Has Turned Into a Top Brand in the Hair Industry

ENSPIRE Contributor: Elizabeth Casillas

Camille Rose has captured consumers since its start in the early 2010s. It is a Black-owned hair and body brand which seeks to bring consumers healthy products. The owner, Janell Stephens, crafted the products from her kitchen in 2011 with food-grade ingredients and gourmet blends.

“It all began in my small kitchen in 2011, under the mantra that whatever you put on your body should be good enough to put in it,” said Stephens. “After extensive research, it became clear that many of the products on shelves of my favorite retailers were not up to my standards of clean, natural, and safe ingredients, so I set out to concoct a haircare brand that reflected my values.”

As a mother of five, her beginnings influence what the brand is today. She started getting hands-on with formulas when she was researching her child’s chronic eczema. A lot of the products on the shelf at the time contained harsh toxins, and Stephens wanted to create something different. Stephens made it a goal to craft her brand with natural and safe ingredients.

As a vegan, Stephen knew she wanted her items to be as healthy and environmentally friendly as they could be. When she started her business, she realized other brands were not being as conscious as she was. Camille Rose prides itself on having handcrafted hair and body products made with ingredients that are safe inside and outside a body. It specializes in making sure curls are moisturized and soft, as well as relieving itchy and dry scalps.  

Currently, Camille Rose hosts over 30 products, as well as their new line “The Honey Collection.” This collection includes a deep conditioning treatment, liquid moisture refresher, honey mousse, and honeycomb curl whip. All retail for $14.99 except for the mousse which retails for $11.99. Camille Rose also has a body line that includes items such as bath elixirs and body conditioners.

All products are available on their website. You can follow along with the brand on Twitter and on Instagram, and Janell Stephens is on Instagram