Hikari Fleurr, Inspirational Content Creator & Women’s Rights Advocate


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) This Young Women’s Rights Advocate Is Using Her Platform to Promote Inclusion, Self-Love, and Perseverance  

ENSPIRE Contributor: Anastasia Hanna 

Hikari Fleurr, a beauty and lifestyle content creator, author, and women’s empowerment advocate, has distinguished herself from her peers with her artistic eye, philanthropic spirit, originality, and passion for producing genuine, innovative, and viral digital content.

Based in New York City, Hikari recently published the e-book How To Become A Social Media Influencer, in which she pulls back the curtain on the present-day world of influencing. Hikari discusses the ins and outs of the industry, sharing secrets to success in the age of digital media and proven ways of growing one’s social media presence.

Hikari has made strides in the beauty and lifestyle world, taking part as a talent in various beauty festivals such as BeautyCon and winning Social Media Influencer of the Year by both Outre Hair and Beauty Biz Network. She has also worked with many notable brands like Cover Girl, Sephora Collection, Dragun Beauty, and Dolls Kill, to name a few.

Hikari is a passionate women’s empowerment advocate and uses her platform to spread self-love, promote inclusion, and encourage her dedicated following to influence social change and follow their dreams. 

ENSPIRE Magazine interviewed Hikari Fleurr to find out the motivation behind her dreams to become a model, her production process for each pic/video, tips for becoming an influencer, and more. 

You started out wanting to be a model. What fueled your dream of wanting to become a model? Did you imagine you would also become a social media influencer? 

I’ve always had a passion for taking photos. I used to wake up at 7AM with my childhood best friend and go to the park just to take pictures. I’ve always been into the arts. Creativity was embedded in me. I had no idea I would ever become a social media influencer. I didn’t even know this type of career existed, but I’m happy this career found me because now I can’t even imagine myself doing anything else.

Is there anyone who inspires you on a daily basis? This could be anyone from someone in your family, a friend, or even a celebrity you idolize. What is it about this person that you idolize?

Nicki Minaj inspires me so much. She motivates me as a young, independent woman to keep striving and aiming to accomplish my goals. She has such a strong personality and is very assertive. I love the fact that she encourages women to speak up for themselves, to not depend on anyone, and to never take ‘no’ as an answer. She talks about her struggles as well as her success stories, and I find that motivating. A lot of people are constantly bragging about their accomplishments but never talk about the obstacles they had to overcome in the process of it.

Is being an influencer and content creator stressful? If so, how do you manage stress to keep from being overwhelmed? 

As much as I love being a content creator, it can definitely have its stressful moments. Sometimes, as a creator, I get creative blocks which are frustrating. I’m always thinking of ways to keep my content fresh and authentic but still trendy. Whenever I have these moments, I usually take a step back from social media and clear my mind, or I watch inspirational videos from my favorite public figures, which sometimes helps me get back in the creative spirit.   

Have you met other models or content creators on your journey? How have they influenced you? Did you learn anything positive from networking with others in the beauty and fashion industry? 

Yes, I’ve met many other content creators on my journey. Some of them were really sweet and genuine. Others seemed much different in person than they did on social media. The ones that were genuine influenced me to stay humble and true to myself no matter how popular and successful I get. I’ve also met a few creators who were more successful than me and gave me really great advice and tools I could use to better my content. In a world full of shady and selfish people, I’m always grateful for my fellow creators who openly give me useful resources.

What does your creative process look like? How do you come up with ideas for pictures and videos? Is there any planning involved or is your process more spontaneous? 

Whenever I see inspirational content, I save it and add it to my folder or my favorites. I use them as templates, and I recreate it as my own version. The majority of my content is usually planned out.

How long does it typically take to get ready for a pic/video? Does it take you more or less time to get ready now than when you first started? 

It takes me about 2 hours to get fully ready for pic/videos and this includes hair, makeup, and the outfit. It takes me more time now compared to when I first started because I barely knew how to do makeup back then, so I skipped a lot of parts. I’m also a lot more detailed now, so I take a little longer to put my outfits together. Every bit of detail is important to me, from my nails to my bag.

Can you tell me about your recently published e-book How To Become A Social Media Influencer? What are some good tips to remember when starting out as an influencer? What mistakes should one avoid as an influencer or content creator? 

My e-book is great for people who want to improve their engagement rate. It’s also great for anyone in the arts that wants to build their social media presence and make money off of it. It’s very important to respond to your followers’ comments. It makes them feel like they actually have a relationship with you instead of just watching a stranger. The most important tip, I believe when starting out as an influencer, is to be yourself. You’d be surprised how many people will feel like they can relate to you. 

What are some challenges you have had to overcome? Any tips on growing your business and promoting yourself successfully during the pandemic? 

I had to overcome comparing myself to other creators that were more successful than me. It was discouraging and didn’t help me at all. I’ve realized now that everyone has their own timing and their own path. It’s easy to think people reached certain success levels within a short period of time, but that’s only because most people don’t show their losses and the process of it. I try my best to have tunnel vision and just focus on myself and my personal goals.

In what ways are you advocating for social change? How are you empowering women through your platform? How are you promoting inclusion for underrepresented groups? 

I’ve recently been promoting mental health and ways to be more supportive to your friends and family that are struggling mentally. I try to encourage unity and encouragement within women. Why not comment positivity under another woman’s post instead of trolling and commenting something negative? You never know what someone is going through. I believe you can make someone’s day by just being positive and complimenting them. A lot of times I use my posts to share women empowerment quotes.

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