Janique Burke’s A Girlfriends Guide to Loving Luxury and Living In It Too


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ENSPIRE Contributor: LaShonda Thompson

Many might know Janique Burke from her entertainment journalism career spanning over 15 years, but she’s much more than that. This Bronx, New York native always had a creative flair since she was a little kid, and the fire has stayed with her throughout her life. Janique is a much sought-after content creator, journalist, and luxury hospitality expert, as proven by her work at Forbes Travel Guide, and her articles, which have appeared in numerous magazines like Essence, Real Health, and Vibe. Janique recently debuted her new e-book – Girlfriends’ Guide to Luxury: 5 Benefits of Five-Star Hotel Stays on Amazon Kindle and wants all women to know that it’s okay to treat themselves to the finer things, especially for traveling.

After years as an editor at a popular music magazine, Janique took on a role as an independent public relations representative for different media personalities and artists, including those on television shows, “Love & Hip-Hop” and “Basketball Wives”. But it was the six years spent as a luxury hospitality evaluator for Forbes Travel Guide that has not only taken her to beautiful places but also birthed a brand that she holds dear to her heart. Her love for luxury within her personal life pooled over into her career, in which she traveled the world, evaluating luxury hotels, restaurants, and spas based on Forbes and hospitality industry standards. Her position working with Forbes Travel Guide’s star-rated program and global evaluation team further enhanced her interest in all things luxury. Janique’s Girlfriends’ Guide to Luxury brand was created because of her newfound luxury hospitality expertise. The wealth of knowledge that Janique got regarding the luxury hospitality industry provided the foundation for her brand.

She created Girlfriends’ Guide to Luxury to act as a community for women who love luxury and five-star travel, and she uses it to build an association of like-minded women who encourage and uplift each other to live their best luxurious lives. “To me, it means comfort, convenience and exclusivity,” Janique explains when describing what she sees as the most important elements of luxury. During her travels to evaluate five-star hotels, Janique uncovered five main advantages of staying at these types of properties. “Whether you’re there for business or leisure, spending some coins on a five-star hotel is well worth it,” she says. Janique drops these jewels in her new e-book, Girlfriends’ Guide to Luxury: 5 Benefits of Five-Star Hotel Stays, which dismisses the thought that luxury travel is impossible for the average person and can be valuable in many ways that are often overlooked. This e-book is a casual, fun read that will have many feeling like they’re having a chat with their best girlfriend in their living room while enjoying a glass of red wine.

Janique highlights her time as a luxury hospitality expert and her experiences while staying at these luxury hotels, and why she will only vacation at the best when traveling personally. “As hard-working women, especially Black women, we deserve to be pampered and to pamper ourselves whenever possible,” Janique professes. “Luxury is indeed attainable and is not an indulgence that is only reserved for the rich and famous.” Janique’s plan to release 5 Benefits of Five-Star Restaurants and Spas in the future is a clear indication that she will not stop until she normalizes luxury in the lives of all women.

You can purchase Janique’s e-book on Amazon Kindle.  Website: Girlfriends Guide To Luxury

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