Jacque Martin Creates Custom-Designed Handbag Brand


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Her Journey to Becoming a Multi-Million Entrepreneur

ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya 

Jacque Martin is an entrepreneur and creator of the multi-million handbag brand Jacque M. However, it didn’t happen overnight. She used to be the Vice President of JP Morgan Chase Bank. With ten years of financial and business-related experience, she focused her passion for fashion on a custom, chic, luxurious brand. Her journey from financial struggle to ultimate fashion mogul is an inspiration for all future fashionistas who want to start their own business. We have the pleasure of finding out how Ms. Martin created her designer bags and what motivations, education, and tools got her there.

She conquered and powered through obstacles despite the financial challenges in her life. She became inspired and sought a different purpose with her skills. She created “P.O.P Life”, which means People of Purpose Living & Loving Life, and built this brand collection of custom-designed accessories. The market was geared toward popular hair stylists, boutique owners, friends, and family. Everyone was in awe of her style and what she offered. The business grew and she soon opened her first Accessory Design Studio/Boutique in South Lake, TX

Jacque M Handbag Brand

In 2011 the Jacque M imprint was made and founded. Her inspiration was how a bold statement can bring subtlety and contrast to an outfit. Imagine a simple or chic outfit and pair it with a matching handbag or a standout. The inspiration was in place and had potential. This new brand includes POPLife Professional Style Consultation, Jacque M 528 handbag line, and The Left Lane Collection. This brand is in Dallas, Texas. 

Jacque Martin won the Flair for Fashion & The Akita Group ‘Accessories in the Nude” in 2014. Many of her custom pieces have been featured on Tv shows such as Basketball Wives, and Love & Hip Hop. She has been featured on Essence.com, YSF Magazine, and Van City Vogue Magazine. The customer influences the design but still maintains the imprint she envisions.

Jacque M Backpack

Jacque Martin is an inspiration as she worked from the ground up to build a fashion brand of luxury and sophistication. Her advice and words of wisdom speak volumes and prove that anyone can reach their goals, as long as they search for the skills, utilize what they know, and find a passion. Want to add any of her custom-designed pieces to your collection? Go view Jacque Martin’s handbags, jeans, and custom jewelry on her site.

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