Cocktails & Credit, A Financial Literacy Tour


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight ) From Homeless to Millionaire: Will Roundtree’s Cocktails & Credit Educates Individuals and Business

ENSPIRE Contributor: LaShonda Thompson

Will Roundtree has made a name for himself in the real estate investment world. His knowledge has earned him respect from both his peers and the people in his community. Roundtree has helped over 1500 small to medium-sized businesses gain access to over $300 million in finance over the course of two years as the Founder and top-grossing Principal at WE Management.

Roundtree left his hometown of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 2005 with a borrowed $500 in his pocket and proceeded to Las Vegas, where he experienced the harsh reality of living without a financial plan and bad credit. With this new problem in hand, Roundtree felt compelled to learn more about personal finance and credit. So he’d go into libraries and read book after book about credit laws, Standard operating procedures, regulations, credit, and economics.

“Cocktails & Credit is about meeting people where they are, an after-work thing,” says Roundtree, “where people can attend, listen, and network. That’s where I’ll discuss credit, finances, real estate, and entrepreneurship to move us ALL forward.”

More than a decade later, Roundtree tours the country as a notable financial advisor, author, and motivational speaker. Just recently, Roundtree added TedX to his ever-growing resume. Roundtree has led over 700 workshops and seminars worldwide, comprising an innovative curriculum he developed, and he is still in the development of new advancements regularly.

For more information on Will Roundtree and the Cocktails & Credit Financial Literacy Tour, visit Will’s WEBSITE or WE Management Service.

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