El Sativo, The Tequila That Contributes To The Environment


( ENSPIRE Community Spotlight )  El Sativo Named the 2020 Tequila of the Year at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition

ENSPIRE Contributor: Marianna Poletti Reyes

For someone who loves great spirits (from tequila to bourbon to red wine) and a green environment; are informed yet adventurous, with a penchant for an easy lifestyle of memorable days and fun-filled nights. El Sativo was made just for you. El Sativo is a brand committed to improving the environment and helping build awareness to find remedies for preserving our planet. Named Tequila of the Year at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

El Sativo means “Sown in Seeds;” anything planted, nurtured, and grown is life. The tequila brand is a certified USDA organization, 100% Non-GMO, Kosher, and Vegan friendly. It is made of 100% recycled smart non-combustible glass and has an organic soluble label that is pesticide-free.

This tequila company is now partnering with multiple organizations to give back to the environment. They are working towards saving our resources for future generations. El Sativo has partnered with companies that give back to build a better world, such as Baja Llama, Surf Dirt Sunscreen, and Shibui Whisky. Their ongoing hashtag #BetterTequilaBetterWorld,” says it all. Especially when it comes to what their brand stands for and what they’re trying to accomplish through these partnerships. 

You can purchase El Sativo in large and small retailers, including Whole Foods and Total Wine, in CA, NV, Texas, NM, and Illinois. It is also available online nationally at oldtowntequila.com.

To purchase or to learn more about the company, you can find their website here.

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