Jacqueline Suowari Art Shows The Power of A Ballpoint Pen


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Jacqueline Suowari is A Multi-talented Artist, Touching the Human Experience with A Stroke of A Ballpoint Pen

ENSPIRE Contributor: LaShonda Thompson

Jacqueline Suowari is a full-time ballpoint pen artist and draughtswoman who was born and is based in Nigeria. Suowari has been a successful artist for more than a decade and has been an artist since childhood. She studied Fine Art at the University of Port Harcourt in southern Nigeria. Her work has been shown in group exhibitions around the world and solo shows in Miami and Nigeria.

Suowari recently debuted a touring exhibition of her new body of work, “Now I Wear Myself,” in June. Her new exhibition examines the fetishization and criticism of aesthetics connected with indigenous Nigerian traditions and the destigmatizations of depression, grief, and humiliation, which are forbidden in the country.

Photo Courtesy of The Artist

The art created by Suowari is like nothing one has seen before. Suowari produces a creative aesthetic full of emotion, energy, and purpose by using vivid colors and Afro urban themes. When looking closely at the art, you can see thousands of small lines drawn with a simple ballpoint pen combined to create spectacular visuals.

“I like to look at each stroke as the human experience. One experience, one stroke — and the gathering, and layering, and falling together of all the strokes creates the person and their character,” Suowari says.

Photo Courtesy of The Artist

At 30 years old, Suawari has already made an international name for herself. She is a multi-talented artist, an artist, a poet, and a dancer. Her art touches many and defines the essence and emotions of black people.

To view more of Jacqueline Suawari’s art, check her out on the Art 365 Gallery.

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