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( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Juniper Jillian Joy Reveals Details on Upcoming Novel “The First Story of Intentions”

ENSPIRE Contributor: Daniel Garritson

Juniper Jillian Joy, formerly known as Tammie Shannon, is a Renaissance woman of the twenty-first century. Joy is most known for having two successful careers, one as a soulful Nashville Recording Blues Artist Singer/Songwriter while, also managing her own business, Shannon Success Strategies, as a life coach and financial strategist creating niche strategies for her high-net-worth clients focusing on tax-free retirement solutions as well as teaching business leaders how to use intentions targeted at the inner child experience to build and grow their businesses and most recently, a book author.

Juniper Jillian Joy has spent the last seven years traveling the world researching the human body and emotional response systems, as well as how trauma, negative stimuli, and other damaging conditions affect the emotional response systems. During her many years of travel and interactions with doctors, educators, and research she discovered she had the potential to heal her inner child from previous traumatic experiences.

We had the chance to ask Joy questions about her experiences writing the book and her inspirations for it.

Could you briefly discuss why you represented both the inner child and the conditioned adult as young children in “The First Story of Intentions”?

There are a number of important factors that led me to choose little girls as characters in my book. My characters all have layers of depth and substance that represent all of us. First and foremost, I chose little girls because little girls are not seen as a threat to anyone, which enabled me to communicate the joy and innocence that having a connection to our inner child brings into our lives as well as the harmony between the inner child, subconscious, and heart—what I call the trifecta balance. Sara, at age 3, exemplifies this harmony as well as the inner child’s emotional needs when trauma occurs.

The number 5, which is made up of consciousness, subconsciousness, inner child, heart, and body, represents the wholeness of ‘The Self’ when one becomes unified within themselves. Cindy, age 5, represents the incredible complexity, simplicity, and delicate fragility that are so beautifully entwined within each of us and serve as the cornerstone of our character by fostering self-awareness, self-esteem, and self-worth that builds self-acceptance and self-love which are formed by age 5. The conditioned adult that due to trauma has been conditioned to believe certain things about herself, who represents every adult that has experienced a breakdown in their foundation with layered trauma that is carried into adulthood by each of us affecting every conscious and subconscious decision made.

My intention and desire are for the reader to truly empathize with the characters so that as they read each character’s journeys consciously, the reader is taken on their own subconscious journey to healing their inner child using science, logic, and joyous humor with an unexpected fun twist so that all of us can unite as we take our personal journey down the long dirt road of life and to remind everyone that you are never alone!

Unlike more traditional books about healing and self-improvement, your work is a story rather than non-fiction. What led you to this medium for your message?

As you would expect, there are many reasons I chose to write the first story of intentions as a fantasy fiction fable.

I understand that not everyone is comfortable with learning new things, especially when they experience anxiety, stress, depression, ADD, ADHD, or other mental health issues. I wanted to recreate the fun, excitement, and sense of wonder we felt as kids while learning about the inner child connection. In order to make the information understandable and accessible, my goal was to combine humor, science, and logic with the scripture. I also wanted to use my own experience as a roadmap for others so that they could reap the rewards of openness, vulnerability, and intimacy in their own lives.

It’s easier to learn something new when it is fun and sparks joy. Taking into consideration 8.25 seconds attention span of a person that falls below the 9-second attention span of a goldfish, I found that my ADD and lengthy meditation experiences to be very helpful in the writing process in order to not only elevate the reading experience but to activate all three parts of the brain of the readers. While the reader is consciously reading, they are also subconsciously tapping into the subconsciousness and amygdala through a series of rotations very similar to a boxer… with the left, right, and center actions using intentions with positive affirmations, gratitude, and strategies that I created for me and now use to help my consulting clients heal their inner child. The results have been nothing short of miraculous!

If there was one thing you could tell other young women in a similar situation to the one you were once in, what would it be?

I would like to speak directly to all females. I am aware of the influence our experiences and upbringing can have on our lives. We can stop the generational conditioning that we saw our mothers and grandmothers endure by choosing for ourselves what is right and true for each one of us. I implore you to discover your own truth and make your voice heard. Create healthy
boundaries and stick to them. As you become more self-aware, act on that awareness by connecting joy to the changes you want to see in your life. This will help you establish healthy boundaries and limits in all aspects of your life, not just in your romantic relationships. Do it for yourself, your daughters, your daughters’ daughters, and all daughters for generations to come! Keep in mind that God has given you authority over your own life. Let’s show what
unwavering love looks, feels, and behaves like to the rest of the world. I love you, and God loves you, unconditionally.

Would you say that writing your book served as healing for you?


Are there any figures in your life, or other authors, who served as inspiration for “The First Story of Intentions”?

I would like to recommend a few books that I feel contributed to my transformation.

  1. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
  2. Atomic Habits by James Clear
  3. Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman
  4. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
  5. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey
  6. Best Self by Mike Bayer
  7. Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis

Have you experienced any difficulty balancing your research and writing processes with your own personal life and relationships?

I began to successfully parent my inner child, which I have done by finding a harmonious balance between logic and emotion, humanity (better known as ego) and spirituality, and masculine and feminine energy; resulting in the unification of body, mind, soul, spirit, and heart with expanded vibrational energy, with one voice serving as the guiding source – the complete essence of The Self. I have worked hard to raise and elevate my vibrational energy in a way that is beyond most people’s comprehension. I am completely self-aware, emotionally open, and vulnerable, which draws all kinds of people to me and makes me susceptible to feeling other people’s emotions who want to consciously or unconsciously unload their emotional baggage on me. I have to protect my energy with highly vibrational stones and jewelry that I wear with the intention of safeguarding me from negativity and limit my time and energy both publicly and privately, even with loved ones by managing my time and energy based on my priorities and time-sensitive commitments so I don’t get run down or taken for granted.

As a channel and messenger of God, Joy, teaches, guides, and shares God’s unconditional love via intentional, conscious living to heal the inner child of everyone who desires to be the change they want to see in their life. 

“When we accept responsibility for ourselves, as I did, we have the ability to change ourselves, which in turn transforms everything in the world around us.”

The series will eventually be available in a number of languages, ensuring that no matter what language you speak or read, you will be able to heal your inner child traumas and experience the pleasure, happiness, love, and prosperity that we all so richly deserve. The First Story of Intentions: The Introduction to the Inner Child is available soon on Amazon and

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