Living By Design With Jake and Jazz Returns With New Episodes


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) Sibling Duo Jake and Jazz Smollett Gives Us More of The Family Secrets in the Upcoming Season of Living By Design

ENSPIRE Contributor: LaShonda Thompson

The Smollet family is no stranger to our television screens, continually bringing us entertaining content, be it a television series, movie or interview. Sibling Duo Jake and Jazz are back with another exciting season of Living By Design. They celebrate their stylish makeovers with scrumptious cuisine from the Smollett family as they work to refurbish homes.

Rashonda and Eric, featured in the latest episodes for the Living By Design show, are longing for an outdoor paradise right outside their home. So the couple calls on the sibling duo to create their luxury oasis. Jake starts by building an air condition unit cover. Next, jazz adds an outdoor rug, furniture, and a fire pit to create the vacation experience at home. Then, for the grand reveal, Jake makes Salmon Steaks Baked with creamy Alfredo Sauce. For dessert, Jazz bakes Mini Cheesecakes topped with fresh fruit. This episode is only a dose of what you will get when watching the show. Living By Design is fun, upbeat, provides great home improvement tips, and, to top it off, delicious food recipes. The Design show will definitely pique the interest of those who love their homes and love food.

Check out Jake and Jazz Smollet’s design show on Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET/8C on CLEO TV. Living By Design with Jake and Jazz is produced by Powerhouse Productions with co-owners Rochelle Brown and Sonia Armstead as Executive Producers. For TV One, Susan Henry is the Executive Producer in Charge of Production, Donyell McCullough is Senior Director of Talent & Casting, and Robyn Greene Arrington is Vice President of Original Programming and Production.

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