Twinkle Time ‘It’s Okay 2 Be Me’ Promotes Inclusivity


( ENSPIRE Feature )  Twinkle Time Shares Her Thoughts On Being Confident and Embracing Who You Are

ENSPIRE Contributor: Komal Javaid

Bilingual Pop Princess Twinkle Time, a billboard charting family artist, celebrates individuality with her New Electro -Dance-Power Pop Anthemic NEW Single ”It’s Ok 2 Be Me,” released on June 25th in English and Spanish. Twinkle Time is known for breaking barriers with both her music and Harajuku -style presentation. 

In today’s society, everything seems picture perfect on social media; such a facade can make us feel insecure when we are all people who have imperfections. Twinkle Time’s single “It’s Ok 2 Be Me” talks about embracing who you are regardless of society’s thoughts. Twinkle states, “In a world of social media, following trends and filters to be perfect, I’m here to let the world know, march to the beat of your own drum!”. We all need reassurance sometimes to be proud of who we are, and that’s exactly what this song conveys to its listeners. 

ENSPIRE talked to Twinkle Time About Her Inspiration Behind the song

Your song  ”It’s Ok 2 Be Me” is extremely empowering; what inspired you to write such an anthem?
THANK YOU, it really means a lot …It was super important for me to write a song in English and Spanish that kids of all ages can relate to and know how important it is to celebrate one’s uniqueness in themselves and others and to always be the flamingo in a flock of pigeons.

In the generation of social media where everyone is living a perfect life online, what would be your best advice on staying true to yourself?
My advice would be to march to the beat of your own drum, never follow trends …START the trends! Starting trends is the hard part have to be courageous and confident; some people may call you weird or laugh but know in your heart they haven’t caught up to you yet.. let people’s words roll off your back and know you will find like-minded peeps who accept you for YOU!

After listening to the single, I get a sudden surge of confidence, was there a point in your life where you may not have felt confident because of the standards set by social media?
3) OMG, yes… I wrote the song because I was always made fun of, I was called weird, never understood, didn’t look like everybody else even still to this day, people don’t get me ( my looks, vibe, sound, etc.), but I look at that as a positive …you know why? Cause I’m not doing the same thing everyone else is doing, I’m trailblazing and breaking down barriers!  You have to be a strong individual to be in the entertainment industry but not just the industry; also in life, there will be lots of people who might try to bring you down, especially when you’re doing good things in life, spreading positivity, and being different when people don’t get your shine they want to dim it, so it’s up to you to keep letting your light shine EXTRA bright!

What message do you hope to send to all the people listening to “It’s Ok 2 Be Me”?
4)  I hope the message peeps get from listening to my songs It’s Ok 2 Be Me  – A Mi Me Gusta Ser Yo is that music brings ALL walks of life together …music, arts,  fashion are extensions of you; they’re just different ways of expressing your individuality!  So keep creating, keep dreaming, always be accepting of all, and most importantly, It’s ok to be a little different cause It’s Ok To Be Me.

Overall, an anthem-like “Its Ok 2 Be Me” is the perfect message that many young adults and teens need to hear. Being confident does not always come easily, but everyone should take a moment to listen to the new single and appreciate their individuality. 

Listen and watch “It’s Ok 2 Be Me” here.

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