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Dr. Rhonda Kalasho is a #1 Hollywood dentist who runs her practice called GLO Modern Dentistry. Born into a family from a war-torn country in the early nineties, oral health came second to the risks of bombings the family was faced with. At six years old, Kalasho suffered from an extended toothache, which caused fever, swelling, fatigue, and missed days in school. When Kalasho’s mother took her to the dentist, the severity of Kalasho’s condition angered the dentist. However, Kalasho notes that her mother didn’t know better, especially since oral hygiene was considered a luxury in the First World. This experience not only inspired Kalasho to care for her teeth regularly, but it also sparked her desire to help and prevent others from enduring the same discomfort she did.  

Kalasho received a degree in dental surgery from the UCLA School of Dentistry and received optional training from her residency at the Veterans Hospital in San Diego. There, she received training for oral surgery, hospital dentistry, and other medical specialties such as Anesthesia. She obtained ownership of her practice shortly after her residency, which was a challenging task. She struggled to find a Los Angeles location at a fair rate and faced competition from other dentists. Finally, after months of working with a broker, she could purchase a building from a young dentist looking into early retirement. From there, Kalasho built her team and provided dentistry that was painless and modernized. GLO Dentistry takes a digital approach, such as scanning the mouth rather than using gooey impressions and uses low-radiation x-ray technology to avoid overexposure to radiation. Kalasho shows that life experiences can help mold us to better ourselves and help others in need. 

Courtesy of Dr. Rhonda Kalasho.

ENSPIRE spoke with Dr. Rhonda Kalasho about TruGLO Modern Dental and oral care. 

How long has TruGLO Modern Dental been operating?

TruGLO Modern Dental first opened in March of 2018, and in a few years, expanded from Hollywood to Beverly Hills. 

Many people are hesitant about going to the dentist because of COVID-19. What is your practice doing to ensure staff and patients are safe?

Since the start of COVID, Dr. Rhonda Kalasho, owner of TruGLO Modern Dental, initiated testing for all staff at the onset, installed HEPA filters in the entire office, organized all PPE and safety protocols as suggested by the CDS and OSHA. Dr. Kalasho was also the creator of the guidelines for COVID safety for the Los Angeles Dental Society. Currently, the entire staff of TruGLO is vaccinated and boosted for additional safety. 

What is the most common oral issue you see, and how can people prevent it?

Gum disease is the most common oral issue. Gum disease is responsible for not only the looseness of teeth or tooth loss but the degradation of systemic health, which may lead to more severe diseases like heart disease. The best forms of prevention are regular dental exams and cleanings and excellent daily oral health care. We also notice cracking of teeth, especially during the time of COVID. Many people have been stressed and maybe clenching more, causing cracked teeth, or their daily hygiene routine has changed, causing an increase in cavities and or gum disease. It is undoubtedly safe to see your dental provider at this time, so do not neglect your oral care as oral conditions can worsen if not treated early on.

How does TruGLO Modern Dental help those who can’t afford dental care?

We noticed many of our patients lost their health benefits during COVID, so we began an in-office membership plan akin to dental insurance for all our patients who may be struggling financially to afford quality dental care; the only caveat is that it can only be used in our office. The membership is a monthly plan that decreases the cost of treatment up to 35% and includes exams and cleanings that complement the membership twice a year. Hundreds of patients have enjoyed the membership plan and love that they do not need to walk away from their oral care even during tough times.

The public often hears some dental care tips: visiting the dentist regularly, floss and brush twice a day, and limiting exposure to sugar and caffeine. What is one dental care tip that you feel isn’t stressed enough to the public?

Use a Waterpik as part of your daily hygiene regimen. Water Flossers do remove more plaque than flossing does but do not substitute traditional floss. Water Flossers have certainly increased the ability to reverse gum disease, help with bad breath, and minimize teeth staining. My favorite water flosser is the Waterpik Aquarius.

What are your plans for TruGlo Modern Dental?

We will continue to expand our brand to other areas in Los Angeles. TruGLO Modern Dental has a clear mission of bringing modern, highly esthetic, highly specialized, quality dental care to all patients, which places the patients’ comfort ahead of it all. Patients who experience dental treatment with TruGLO Modern Dental see the difference in the specialized, individualized care that we deliver. TruGLO Modern Dental is a practice of highly skilled practitioners and loving staff who genuinely love dentistry and truly value patient care. 

Courtesy of Dr. Rhonda Kalasho.

Kalasho’s story shows the importance of allowing our life experiences to shape us into better human beings. We face challenges along the way in life, but we have to decide if they’ll break us or inspire us to rise above the challenges. Besides this, her story shows we shouldn’t allow competition to deter us from our goals because others depend on our contributions. Kalasho is thriving in her business and is dedicated to helping others to enjoy a healthy smile. 

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