The Pierce Twins Take Vaccination and Literacy into Their Own Hands


(ENSPIRE She Did That ) The Pierce Twins Fight for Positive Representation in Books to Educate their Peers and Advocate for Vaccinations

ENSPIRE Contributor: Naomi Stamps

Kyra and Phallon Pierce, better known as the Pierce Twins, are continuing to move forward in their advocacy for diverse reading. The 14-year-old teens previously made headlines for boldly demanding the removal of a racist book from their reading list and creating their own summer reading list to highlight black authors and experiences such as social justice and bullying. The inspiration behind this list is to both educate and encourage students to find common ground with those from different backgrounds.

The twins have taken a step further to ensure the same mistake doesn’t repeat itself. They formed their own organization called “Positive Change Charities Inc,” which helps school districts and after-school programs to gain access to diverse books. The ladies gave nearly 1,000 books to 16 Chicago Public schools this June, which is a great accomplishment. They have worked with Illinois State Representative, La Shawn K. Ford, to introduce a bill called “The Pierce Law.” If passed, this bill will require schools to include books by diverse authors for assigned readings.

Courtesy of The Pierce Twins on Instagram.

The Pierce twins are currently preparing to go on a Summer Literacy Tour next month which will be in six cities: Atlanta, Chicago, DC, Houston, Dallas, and LA. They are also using this opportunity to provide vaccination sites for interested teens to receive vaccines. This event will also introduce teens to a mother of a 15-year-old teen, Dakota Morgan, who died of COVID-19 days before the vaccine was available to her age group. This will allow all visitors to learn more about the vaccine, get a shot, and ask questions they may have concerning health and wellness.

In their spare time, the Pierce twins also partake in athletics, dancing, and spoken word. These young ladies prove that you’re never too young to take a stand for what you believe in. Through their story, we are reminded that all it takes is one person (or in this case two) to make an impactful change and inspire others. The Pierce twins show that they are leaders and are dedicated to leading by example.

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If you wish to donate to Positive Change Charities Inc., go to their Paypal page.

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