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Hannah Easley is a 31-year-old self-care enthusiast who strives to provide her clients with the best holistic wellness spa treatment. In 2012, she was in school for echo-cardiology when she realized her passion for beauty and holistic health. She wanted to give individuals a safer way of achieving their body goals without going under the knife. She then founded her business as Vanity Body Sculpting in 2012 at the young age of 22 and has since expanded her business to include all self-care experiences for her customers. She has a full-service holistic spa that provides many options, including micro-current body sculpting, teeth whitening, facials, zero gravity massages, organic spray tans, and infrared sauna treatments using holistic plant-based products and treatments, and more.

Despite opening during a pandemic, she has achieved her goal and has seen rave reviews for her business. She is a successful entrepreneur who has given individuals a relaxing oasis for beauty and wellness during the toughest of times. Celebrities from around the globe have gone to her business for body sculpting treatments that use electric micro-currents to build and tone muscle and shrink fat. She had received air time on 90 Day Fiance when she helped Larissa Lima achieve a complete body makeover transformation. Hannah even donates service treatments to support local causes annually. She continues to stay up to date on health and wellness to stay educated on new holistic approaches to get better results with her clients’ health goals. Hannah is such an inspirational woman who encourages others to feel beautiful without harmful chemicals and damaging procedures. Hannah feels people need a place they can trust where they can feel and look gorgeous. With the low self-esteem that social media causes, she wants to send the message that we can be beautiful without filters and compare ourselves to other women.

Photo Source: Hannah Easley

ENSPIRE spoke to Hannah Easley about her boutique to learn more about how she inspires other women to feel beautiful with natural products. 

Can you tell us a little more about yourself and what inspired you to help individuals achieve their beauty goals? 

My name is Hannah Easley, and I am a female entrepreneur and owner of Vanity Beauty Boutique, a full-service, holistic skincare, and wellness self-care spa. I’ve worked in Las Vegas’ health and wellness scene for over ten years and originally founded my business as Vanity Body Sculpting in 2012 at 22. In 2021, during the COVID-19 pandemic, I decided to expand my service offerings to give my clients an all-encompassing self-care experience during such a challenging and stressful time. Holistic wellness is essential for the mind, body, and soul, so since the start of my career, I’ve focused on providing all-natural self-care services that help people achieve their beauty goals on the outside and lift their spirits on the inside.

Can you share one success story you’ve had with a client since starting your business?

I would say in general, I’ve had many clients say that Vanity has helped them destress and relax during what has been the craziest and scariest year for all of us, and thank me profusely for offering them a safe space to self-care. I’ve had many people tell me we’ve helped “fill the cup back up,” and in turn, they can go back to being the best parent, best wife, best husband, and even best entrepreneur. I expanded my business and location during the pandemic because we were all on the verge of a breakdown or burnout, and we needed self-care more than ever.

What is one challenge you’ve faced since opening your beauty boutique? 

After an incredibly stressful year in 2020, we experienced an influx of customers searching for pampering and destressing self-care treatments at an affordable price. To offer even more services and opportunities for my new clients, I made the challenging but rewarding decision to expand Vanity and open a new and more prominent location during the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, we were working against the possibility of more shutdowns, capacity restrictions, soaring unemployment, and people being afraid to leave their houses. However, with positivity, perseverance, and an amazing staff, we could expand safely, abiding by all regulations, and have kept up with our increasing demand for services.

What motivated you to follow this career path? 

I was motivated because I love the beauty industry, and I wanted to make clients embrace their bodies and self-love. Vanity Beauty Boutique started as Vanity Body Sculpting almost ten years ago. Since we are located in Las Vegas, where we have warm weather most of the year, women are wearing less clothing and, therefore, want to be more confident in their own skin.

What would you like to say to other women out there who don’t feel beautiful? 

Beauty starts from within (sounds cliche, but so true.) So take care of yourself, be kind, and love yourself.

What is one inspirational statement you could give to women to encourage them not to get damaging procedures? 

I would encourage women to remember that beauty is an attitude. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a way of life. The beauty from within is what powers us daily, and no procedure can replicate what’s inside. Confidence is key, and beauty procedures should enhance your beauty, not replace what you feel inside.

Can you tell us more about the services and products you have at your company? 

  • Vanity’s holistic menu of services include:
    • Body Sculpting – Lose inches instantly with micro-current technology. Helps to build, and tone muscle, shrink fat, promote lymphatic drainage (detox) and tighten skin. 
    • Teeth Whitening – Get a brighter smile with Vanity’s powerful plant-based and all-natural gel solution and effective blue LED light.  Up to 24 shades whiter in just one session.  Great for Zoom meetings!
    • Custom Facials – Treat blemishes naturally caused by maskne, environmental factors and hormones with a variety of custom facials. Additional service add-ons including LED light and derma planing available.
    • Chemical Peels – Deep exfoliation improves surface texture while reducing fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars, while brightening complexion. 
    • Infrared Sauna – Detoxifies and heals the body and mind at a comfortable heat setting unlike traditional saunas. Promotes relaxation, detoxification and weight loss; stimulates collagen, burns calories, relieves sore muscles, improves circulation and alleviates pain. 
    • Spray Tan – Sunless tanning session that leaves you with a glowing bronze tan within hours. 
    • Zero-Gravity Massages – Inspired by NASA, putting you in the same position astronauts assume upon blast off. The highly reclined position elevates your legs while taking the stress off your spine, for a full-body massage that relaxes and loosens sore muscles, reduces tension and improves blood flow.

We added a ton of new services I am excited to launch, including micro-current facials, waxing, brow lamination, and more. By popular demand, we even just added a new bridal spa shower package that allows bachelorettes and their loved ones to celebrate their big day with a pampering afternoon and toast. Each guest receives custom facials, infrared sauna, zero gravity massage, custom spray tan or wax, complete with a bridal veil and sash for the blushing bride, as well as a complimentary celebratory toast, priced for $499 total for four people, and you can add on more guests for an additional fee.

How are you building your business and staying with current trends? 

I’m constantly researching and learning more every day to keep my staff and me updated on the latest health and wellness trends. I believe in continuous education and am always looking for new holistic approaches to achieve outstanding results with my clients’ overall optimal health in mind.

Can you tell us why you’re passionate about the beauty industry? 

I’m passionate about helping people feel good from within. Since the pandemic, so many of my clients have expressed they are dealing with stress or want to use this downtime to improve their bodies. I want to let them know they are always welcome into Vanity and that we’ve worked to provide an oasis that allows them to detach from the issues they may be handling at work, home, or with family. Seeing my clients exit Vanity with relieved smiles is what keeps me going every day!

Can you share your issues with the current beauty industry? 

While the beauty industry is making advancements, there still needs to be more regulation on the products we’re offering to consumers. There are so many all-natural ingredients we could add to our products and several potentially harmful ingredients we should be avoiding. However, I’m confident we’re on the right track, and we will see more all-natural offerings with time. 

Can you share how you will continue influencing other women out there to feel beautiful without social media?

I am a firm believer in the sometimes need for unplugging and focusing on what’s right in front of you. Social media can be an excellent tool, but it can also damage our minds if we aren’t careful. Our services at Vanity help women relax, unwind and pamper – these are necessary for our femininity to flourish. I strive to help women feel beautiful from within, which is key in blocking out the noise, distractions, and disapprovals we sometimes deal with online. 

Photo Source: Hannah Easley

Overall, Hannah Easley is an influential amazing woman who has inspired other women to feel beautiful through a natural look. She has encouraged us to follow a healthier skincare routine to achieve our beauty goals. During a pandemic, she has indeed helped us to live a healthier lifestyle. Instead of damaging procedures and harmful chemicals, she offers natural plant-based holistic products to give clients a more encompassing self-care experience. Her full-service holistic spa has transformed many lives and given women better self-esteem when we need it most.

You can follow Hannah here and view Vanity Beauty Boutique for more information!

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