Lauren Simmons Presents Mind Body Wealth Podcast on Spotify


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Lauren Simmons Broadcasts Her Wall Street Experiences Via Spotify

ENSPIRE Contributor: Keegan Kerns

Lauren became the youngest female trader and the second African-American woman to hold such a position in the New York Stock Exchange’s 229-year history at only 22. Lauren, popularly known as the “Wolfette of Wall Street,” is the youngest trader ever to walk the floors. Lauren created history for the financial sector and for millennials and women of color who aspire to work for major Wall Street firms and beyond. She’s continued to break the mold as an entrepreneur, producer, writer, and now a soon-to-be Spotify podcast host, with her new podcast “Mind Body Wealth with Lauren Simmons” debuting on September 29. 

While Lauren’s achievements in the financial sector are already incredible enough, that she could shift from a Bachelor’s Degree in Genetics and a Minor in Statistics to becoming one of the youngest traders ever shows just how adaptable Lauren Simmons is as a learner and businesswoman. This is probably best reflected in how quickly she could dedicate herself to her new position after being offered a job in the industry, as the position wasn’t entirely hers; she still needed to pass the Series 19 exam required of all floor brokers to receive their badge. Unfortunately, in a class of ten, just 20% of students pass this test. Lauren Simmons passed the exam after studying the book from cover to cover for a month, demonstrating her willpower and determination to succeed. 

Traders Lauren Simmons, right, and Phyllis Arena Woods, left, work on the New York Stock Exchange floor, Thursday, June 28, 2018. U.S. stocks are mixed Thursday morning after giving up an early gain and fell to their lowest level in a month. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

What’s especially impressive about Lauren Simmons’ journey is how quickly she has used her success to help others, especially in the financial matters she has become so well versed in, whether it’s in her pursuits as an entrepreneur, producer, writer, or her new podcast. With Mind-Body Wealth, Lauren Simmons produces an intimate conversation with both guests and viewers to guide and help more and more people have a more comfortable relationship with their money and enable more and more people to make their money work for them. 

Lauren Simmons has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Forbes, Politico, CNBC, Bloomberg, and The Cut since her story broke, and she has brand relationships with LinkedIn, Express, Champs, and Isagenix. She’s also authoring a book and executive producing a biopic with AGC Studios on her path to Wall Street. In addition, Lauren is now hosting and producing the Entrepreneur show GOING PUBLIC and a finance podcast with Spotify and Best Case Studios. This Mind-Body Wealth podcast, alongside her other endeavors, shows Lauren Simmons continues to use her experience in the industry to educate others about financial issues for them to reach similar levels of financial success, or at least benefit from Simmons’ own experience. 

You can find the audio trailer for the podcast here.

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