Serial Entrepreneur Maria Jordan Juggles Numerous Empires


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Maria Jordan Juggles Numerous Empires As Renowned Author and Creator of ATR Media

Contributor: Lesley Logan

These days, Maria Jordan, or MJ, is quite a busy woman handling her numerous different empires. From author of renowned children’s book, ‘The Secret Keeper, Perfect the Way You Are’ to founder of ‘Afternoon Tea Radio & Podcast’, Maria is the picture of a businesswoman at work. She is even the creator of ATR Media, a company that highlights the latest in celebrity news. Her voice is regularly echoed on the Apple Podcast, Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Atlanta’s REAL 1100am!

Jordan has cited her motivation in creating so many businesses as to simply elevate herself. She does not believe in holding one source of income as multiple allows one to obtain their dreams. Innovation and molding oneself to varying avenues is key to an entrepreneur’s success in MJ’s million-dollar eyes. That is how she sees the world as a mogul, but as a Black woman, she is even more inspired as she does not see staying quiet as an option. She wants to make her mark in a world that was not built to see people of color prosper. Maria has taken her own personal experiences and evolved into a woman who cannot be stopped.

The travel bug loves to explore new cultures in her free time by walking exhibits and shopping at other Black-owned businesses. She fondly looks at her past and her humble beginnings that only increases the pride she has found in herself. Along the way, she has gathered influences from others such as the head of the Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation, Sharon Page, and her mother, Karen Jefferson. She finds internal support in her husband, as he has displayed a true belief in his impressive wife. Jordan’s incredible support at home and core faith system keep her going the most.

Looking forward, Maria Jordan is only hoping to gather more success. She wants to create a safe platform where many can discuss hard-hitting and fun topics. Afternoon Tea Radio & Podcast will continue to shine a light on the several issues and entertainers of the world. She wants those around the globe to experience the comfort that ATR Media has to bring. As for now, ATR media is based in the Georgia peach itself, Atlanta.

For more information on Maria Jordan, check out her WEBSITE and INSTAGRAM.

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