Crying Shouldn’t Be a Trending Topic


( ENSPIRE Health & Wellness ) How Crying Is A Healthy Action And Shouldn’t Be Seen As A Weakness

ENSPIRE Contributor: Naomi Stamps 

When GMA news anchor, TJ Holmes, was seen crying as he did a segment about the late news anchor, Jovita Moore, he became a trending topic. Not because of his heartfelt words. Not because he shared a profound memory. But because of his tear-filled eyes and cracking voice. Seeing the clip of TJ Holmes irritated me because it reminded me of many times the media harps on someone crying. The ideas that have been associated with expressing emotions need to be challenged more because it’s unhealthy. Crying is an action that is just as normal as breathing. We should never be ashamed of it or feel that it gives the wrong impression of our strength. 

As a child, I was often told that crying was a sign of weakness and that I would be viewed as an easy target to walk over. I always took this to mean that I shouldn’t be human. In life, we face disappointment. We lose loved ones. We get overwhelmed and stressed with life. We need to be allowed to release these emotions to avoid having them build up inside of us. Not only can this cause unnecessary pain for us, but it can lead to us unleashing pent-up frustrations on others. 

Courtesy of Ivan Samkov on Pexels.

What’s even more upsetting is that crying is also viewed as an element to reel in ratings. Whether it’s the news or reality TV, the camera always zooms in on the most distraught person. Interviewers and reporters express their curiosity in hearing someone’s thoughts when they’re really interested in capturing falling tears for an interesting story. As twisted as that sounds, it happens more than we think. While crying is sometimes seen to emphasize the seriousness of a topic, other times, it’s for trending purposes. Instead of quickly sharing clips of an emotional person with our peers, we should consider how the other person feels. Would it be funny if someone shared a video of us in an emotional state? 

It’s upsetting that we, as a society, thrive in another’s misery and criticize how unappealing someone looks when they’re sad. There have been several occasions where I have heard those around me watch someone on the television crying, showing no remorse, and complaining about the “ugly faces” they’re making. When someone is hurting, the last thing on their mind is appearance. Instead of criticizing someone, we should be more sympathetic to their pain. The person is already hurting…why should load more misery for them to bear? 

Courtesy of Aedrian on Pexels.

Those around us may dismiss one’s right to express their emotions, but that doesn’t mean we have to. Exploring our emotions is a necessity for our mental health. It’s difficult to be all that God has created us to be if a huge burden is on our hearts. Let’s all be more considerate to one another and acknowledge that crying doesn’t make someone weak. Human beings face different emotions, with sadness being one of them. It doesn’t make you less than, whether you’re male or female. You are a strong person who will overcome the challenges you face. If anyone else told you otherwise, I’m here to say that they’re wrong. You got this. 

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