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( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Heartfelt Country Singer Molly Lovette Creates Music That Offers Peace Of Mind

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Molly Lovette began loving country music at a very young age. Born in St. Louis, she combined her talents of songwriting and singing to create a new refreshing sound that we could all relate to. Since it’s almost Christmas time, she created her own version of “Silver Bells” to get us in the holiday spirit. Molly uses her personal experiences to create meaningful music that will tug on your heartstrings. What makes Molly great is not just her songs, but her talent for storytelling through singing. She puts so much emotion into her music, that she becomes a unique and beautiful singer. 

Molly Lovette is a motivational and powerful country singer that the world needs right now. A mature and refreshing sound that gives us peace of mind during these uncertain times. She recently headlined the Sparkle Noel Fashion Show and Tree Auction, which benefited two organizations that help people; Grace Place and PEER Place. Grace Place empowers single mothers and their children to have healthy, safe, and independent lives. They also coach these families on health, counseling, and advocacy. PEER place provides opportunities to adults with developmental differences, which include building friendships, learning and educational skills, healthy habits, and leading independent lives. Molly is an amazing role model for us to follow; not only for her beautiful music but also for her uplifting generosity to her community.

Photo source: Molly Lovette

ENSPIRE Magazine spoke with Molly Lovette about her new music and giving back to the community.

Can you share with us how you got involved with music at such a young age? 

Music has always been a part of my life. My parents say that since I started talking, I’ve been singing. I think it helped that my parents love music so much. My mother was always singing to me and my dad played guitar. They took me to my first concert (Tim Mcgraw) at 5 years old! Music was just in my blood!

Was there a certain moment in your life where you realized music was your passion? 

Since I was little, pursuing music had always been my dream. But it wasn’t until I was 14 years old with a bone tumor in my femur, that I realized I wanted music to be at the forefront, and that I had to do it! Music was what I had to lean on during that time and although it was a scary situation, I think it brought me to where I am today.

How have you taken your personal experiences and turned them into a song? 

All the songs that I write are about my own life experiences, whether it’s my own or something I’ve watched a friend or family member go through. It’s easy for me to write those songs because they are so personal. Whenever I’m feeling strongly about something, I write down all of my emotions, everything I’m feeling, into words and phrases, in the hopes to make sense of it all and create something beautiful.

Is it your goal to continue to spread positivity through your music? 

Yes! One of my favorite things about being a country artist is that I have the opportunity to touch so many lives. Music can heal, it can make us feel a little less alone in this world, and if one of my songs or lyrics can change someone’s outlook or mood, then that is a huge success for me.

With the Sparkle and Tree Auction, why did you feel it was important that you take part in the event? 

The Sparkle Noel Fashion Show was such an incredible event. Johnathan Kayne is so very talented and I loved getting to meet him and everyone involved that evening. When my publicist told me about the event, I knew I wanted to be a part of it. Although music is my job, playing an event like this, having the opportunity to give back, reminds me why I do what I do and how much I love to share my music with others.

This is your second holiday song you released. We can tell you love Christmas music! Tell me what made you decide to record “Silver Bells?”

Christmas is my favorite time of year! When deciding what Christmas song I wanted to record next, I knew I wanted to do a song that was well known, but not overdone. With “Silver Bells,” there were very few female artists that had covered it. I love getting to create my version of a song and make it my own and I knew I could do that with “Silver Bells.”

What are your plans with music and continuing to give back to the community?

After putting a band together this past summer, I’m so excited to get back on the road in 2022, sharing my music with more and more people. I also have a few songs that are ready to be released that I can’t wait for everyone to hear. I’m also very excited to have partnered with Hope Nation Radio for a Toy Drive this Holiday season. Getting to pick out toys and deliver them to the Children’s Hospital will be one of my highlights of the season!

Photo source: Molly Lovette

Molly is a rising star whose success will be long lasting. Her refreshing, mature, and real lyrics are what the world needs. Songs have the power to take us to another place and they can help us get through tough times. That is exactly what her music does especially during the holidays where we all need a little more happiness. Her upcoming event with the fashion show where she will be singing fan favorites will help raise money for two very important organizations. That money will go to families in need and give opportunities to adults struggling. She is someone songwriters should take advice from because of her powerful ways of creating emotional stories in a song.

For more information, visit Molly Lovette’s Website.

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