Cousin Literary Duo Create Izzy Book Series to Educate and Encourage Young Readers


( ENSPIRE Feature ) Cousins Vettania and Ayanna Clark Work Are Dedicated To Making Learning Fun For Readers with Izzy Book Series

ENSPIRE Contributor: Naomi Stamps

This summer, cousin literary duo Vettania, and Ayanna S. Clark pursued their dream of writing children’s books. Inspired by a young relative who has “such a character in herself,” they worked on the Izzy book series. This July, they released one of their books, “Izzy Goes To The Library.” This book brings the reader to witness a young girl’s trip to the library. 

Besides the Izzy book, the literary duo also released “Bumblebee Me,” which encourages self-love. They created this book dedicated to Vettania’s father and their strong relationship. Vettania and Ayanna S. Clark are making positive and educational books, with Vettania being the writer and Ayanna doing the illustrations. 

Courtesy of Vettania and Ayanna S. Clark

ENSPIRE spoke with Vettania, and Ayanna S. Clark about their “Izzy Goes to the Library” book and what inspired them to pursue creating books. 

What gave you the nudge to finally begin your literary journey this summer? 

I (Vettania) wrote a story over ten years after my father passed away. It is a story that honored our relationship. Many years later, my partner told me I should publish my story. He said it is a good story, which will teach our daughter not to limit herself. So I asked Ayanna, a fantastic artist, to illustrate my story. While illustrating my story, she came up with a book idea and asked if I would put the words to her illustrations. 

I (Ayanna) have been drawing since as far back as I can remember, but I knew it was time to pursue my purpose and passion after battling breast cancer. I loved Vettania’s writing style, and we made books as a team. That’s when we formed The Purple Bookmark. We have always been close cousins and in addition really good friends. This is what makes working together and building a brand such a great idea. 

Tell us more about the Izzy character and why you think young readers will gravitate to her. 

Our character Izzy is inspired by my (Ayanna) niece and Vettania’s little cousin, who is so adorable and she has an amazing personality. She visits places in her community and beyond. Readers will gravitate to the Izzy character because they will see themselves in her. She is cute, smart, and curious. 

Courtesy of Vettania and Ayanna S. Clark

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