Ghetto Gastro Raises a Glass with CÎROC at The Bop Bash in Brooklyn Celebrating Black Excellence


( ENSPIRE Entertainment ) The Ghetto Gastro Bop Party Series ‘The Bop Bash’

Photo Credit: Calligrafist

Last night, the vibrant energy of Brooklyn came alive as CÎROC joined forces with the culinary visionaries of Ghetto Gastro to kick off the inaugural installment of ‘The Ghetto Gastro Bop Party Series’ with a dazzling event called ‘The Bop Bash.’ This exclusive gathering was held to celebrate the launch of Ghetto Gastro’s latest breakfast collection, and it was an evening filled with unforgettable experiences.

Ghetto Gastro, a culinary collective founded by Jon Gray, Lester Walker, and Pierre Serrao, played the gracious hosts for the invite-only event. The atmosphere was electric as guests reveled in signature cocktails provided by DIAGEO and its premium brands, including CÎROC, Crown Royal Peach, Don Julio Reposado, and Mr. Black. The creative concoctions perfectly complemented the custom menu, featuring the chefs’ signature recipes that left everyone craving for more.

CÎROC and Ghetto Gastro Celebrate the First Installment of their Party Series ‘Bop Bash’ in Brooklyn

The room was a vibrant fusion of talent and taste, bringing together industry friends from the realms of entertainment, fashion, and food. The musical vibes were expertly curated by DJs Angel & Dren, Nia Sterling, and Odalys, setting the stage for a memorable night of cultural celebration through the art of food.

As attendees mingled and savored the delightful offerings, ‘The Bop Bash’ served as a testament to the power of culinary innovation and cultural appreciation. With a nod to their Bronx-based roots, Ghetto Gastro continues to push boundaries and create experiences that elevate the culinary scene.

Stay tuned for more exciting installments of ‘The Ghetto Gastro Bop Party Series,’ as these trailblazing chefs and CÎROC are bound to bring more delicious surprises and cultural celebrations to the world of food and beyond.

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