Bus to Beauty: Ashlee Sarai is Changing the Eyelash Game


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Mink Envy Lashes Vending Machines Will Have You Lash Out

ENSPIRE Contributor: Gabrielle Maya

From bus driver to beauty founder of Mink Envy Lashes, a global eyelash brand that launched in 2018, Ashlee Sarai has become in high demand across the United States. What makes this lash company unique is its Eye Lash Vending Machines. There are eight vending machines in eight malls. Prepare to access affordable, luxurious, and reusable lashes!

In an interview with ENSPIRE, Ashlee Sarai explains her journey into a beauty career and what makes Mink Envy Lashes stand out. Her goal is to give her customers confidence in themselves and to take the time to pamper themselves with high-quality beauty products.

Ashlee Sarai's Mink Envy Lashes Vending Machine
Mink Envy Lashes Vending Machine

What inspired this change of career?
I was a school bus driver that decided to step out on faith by doing something that really made me happy. I loved my job, but I also knew, deep inside, that I was meant to be my own boss. I thought, what a more perfect way to do that than by starting a business led by my love for lashes! Years ago, I wore lashes when I barely knew how to put them on because I just loved how they made me look. I became obsessed with creating the perfect lashes!

I questioned, “What if they lasted longer? What if they were reusable? What if I could create styles I’ve never seen before? What if the quality could replicate our natural lashes and not just synthetic-looking hair?” And BOOM! I did that! I created my own pair! My very first pair is actually a current lash style, “Sarai“! Those lashes were so amazing that I wanted other women to experience the quality of them and feel how I felt in them. So with absolutely NO experience selling anything EVER, I came up with a name (named them after me), a price, took a picture of them, and posted them to social media. That’s how it all began! It wasn’t easy, but it was worth it. 

Mink Envy Luxury Mink Lash Strips by Ashlee Sarai
Mink Envy Luxury Mink Lash Strips

What makes your eyelash brand different from the rest?
There are many things that make Mink Envy stand out from other brands! Firstly, is our promise to perfection. I still package all of my lashes with love. I personally check each individual set for quality, and if it’s not perfect, it doesn’t ship. We never sell lashes that aren’t perfect for the full price. We will, however, offer the lashes that require a little extra tender love and care to our customers for a reduced price.

Our selection is huge, offering over 100+ different eyelash styles from standard to magnetic eyelashes, short to extra long eyelashes, and even color and rhinestones eyelashes. We pretty much have and can create any type of eyelashes you can imagine! We hold our lashes to such a high-quality standard that they can be reused up to 25 times with proper care! But, we’re not just all talk. We are so confident in our product that we offer a refund and return policy unheard of amongst other lash extension brands.

If your new Mink Envy lashes don’t exceed your highest expectations, we will either give you a full refund or exchange your set with a brand new one. If you do have a complaint or a question, you will never have to wait. Mink Envy has 24/7 customer service and support. We also appreciate and value the love and support we receive during our journey, so as a thank you, we love hosting giveaways for our customers! 

Ashlee Sarai, Founder of Mink Envy Lashes

Have luxury eyelash brands been your interest for years?
Yes! Before starting Mink Envy, I would shop for eyelashes at my local beauty supply store! I never bought just any pair of eyelashes. I always went for quality and unique style. I only bought eyelashes from the most expensive or most luxury-looking brands, and there weren’t many to choose from. With limited options on finding exactly what I liked and visioned for myself, this also motivated and inspired me to create an eyelash brand with the exact eyelashes I knew I was looking for and that other people might like too!

What message do you want to bring to the beauty community?
Mink Envy is all about confidence and being exactly who you want to be. Indulge in yourself. Take care of yourself. Do whatever makes you happy. Bring out that inner baddie and light up every room you walk in! We believe every person should experience a sense of glamor and confidence. I want the beauty community to stay true to themselves, and don’t let things that don’t matter change how you feel about yourself. Head up high always and recognize that you can do anything you set your mind to. Realize your biggest, wildest dreams, and find the inner confidence that empowers you to go for whatever you want—get it, be it, and live in it!

Ashlee Sarai is changing the beauty community through access to her incredible products. If you enjoy getting dolled up and adding that eyelash, Mink Envy Lashes is the ideal brand for you.

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