Millennial Issia Lee Creates Her Own Travel Agency


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Millennial Issia Lee Inspires Others to Believe in Themselves to Achieve Goals

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Issia Lee is a millennial who started a travel agency called Issia’s Traveling Co. She’s only 24 years old and didn’t allow the pandemic to constrict her goals. Early in the pandemic, she found herself sick and bored in bed. But this didn’t last long. This millennial utilized her time and began exploring new skills to better herself. Her search soon led her to an advertisement for a course on starting your own travel agency. Little did she know that the $69 course would lead to the successful path she’s on today. 

Issia’s business quickly became successful after she made a viral post. This post focused on a Las Vegas getaway, which included a lavish mansion to live in. Besides this, it highlighted top-grade housing at a low cost. This millennial’s post garnered over 2 million views and 10,000 likes. “Ever since that video, the phones started ringing off the hook,” Lee said. “Business skyrocketed, and we have continued to get a huge amount of customers from people wanting to travel everywhere–from Miami to Santorini, Greece. It has gotten crazy.” It’s inspiring that Issia started this successful business in her early 20s. This shows us that success has no age limit. 

Courtesy of Issia Lee.

While the beginning stages of the pandemic affected many businesses, Issia’s Traveling Co. didn’t. Issia’s business grew tremendously and brought many followers to her social media pages. This millennial’s travel agency specializes in luxury concierge services. Customers have access to booking vacations via phone, smartphone, and online. They can also go over payment plans that work best for them. Issia’s Traveling Co. removes stress from traveling by doing all the research and customizing packages. 

Issia says “Our prices beat 70% to 80% of the market. We customize packages according to their needs. For example, if someone wants a limousine waiting for them outside of the airport with an orange soda, we make that happen.” This millennial also says her professionalism makes her different from competing travel agencies. She told Billion Success “I take customer service very seriously and at my agency, I strive to ensure that each and every one of our customers has a great experience working with us throughout the entire process. Also, we have very flexible hours to accommodate our customers.” 

Courtesy of Issia Lee.

This millennial shows the importance of rising above issues in our lives in order to achieve success. The problems will always defeat us if we allow them to. Founding a travel agency is something Issia never pictured herself running a travel agency. This all started from an advertisement, and Issia loves what she does. It shows that we never know how opportunities will arrive to us. We have to be open-minded and trust the process. 

Learn more about Issia’s travel agency here.

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