Mompreneur Markevia Mincey Releases Children’s Book “Mincey Kidz Adventures: Mom’s Big News”


( ENSPIRE She Did That ) Mompreneur Markevia Mincey Fulfills Goal of Writing Her Own Children’s Book and Leaving a Legacy for Her Children 

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Markevia Mincey shows that she’s not defined by her NFL husband’s profession. This mompreneur is inspiring her children and others to pursue their passions. In 2018, Markevia and her husband, former NFL champ Jeremy Mincey, created the Kumfee Kush clothing line. It’s an urban streetwear company that promotes self-expression, comfort, and comfort in your own skin. Besides this, the mompreneur recently started the Mincey Kidz Adventures book series. The first installment is “Mincey Kidz Adventures: Mom’s Big News.” This story follows a mom and three children on a car ride as she shares surprising news. This story’s based on a true scenario where Marevia’s eldest struggled with the news of the family moving from Jacksonville, FL to Atlanta, GA. 

When she moved with her family to Atlanta, she aspired to write her own children’s book. She created the Mincey Kidz Adventures for families to read and enjoy. Besides this, she wanted to leave a legacy for her children. They were involved in creating this series and are the co-authors. Watching her husband create a legacy through his NFL career and music, this mompreneur wanted to show her children her capabilities. Markevia loves being a wife and mother. She’s using her gifts to inspire others and make a difference. She was born in Greenville, MS, and raised in Wichita, KS. Besides this, she’s equipped with a Masters in Occupational Therapy and a Bachelor’s in Health Science concentration.

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ENSPIRE spoke with Markevia Mincey about her children’s book series and what motherhood taught her.

What sparked your interest in writing children’s books? How long did it take to create the Mincey Kidz Adventures book series?

I have always wanted to write books, but my children sparked my interest in writing children’s books! We read books all the time and the joy my children would feel as we discussed the stories added to my inspiration to write. To create the first book for MKA, it took about 2.5 months.

What was it like working with your children to create the book series? Are all the books based on real experiences?

Working with my children during this process was chaotic but rewarding at the same time. My oldest daughter was very involved with providing pointers on what I should and should not say. All the stories for the series are based on real situations the kids have experienced.

What can families expect in future books for this series?

Some upcoming topics for the new books are, being the new student, the father and son relationship, the meaning of Christmas, and the relationship between the kids and their grandma. Their grandma coaches their basketball team! So, for us, that was an interesting dynamic!

Tell us the greatest lesson motherhood has taught you.

To enjoy every moment of life! Life moves fast so take a moment and truly enjoy your life and where you’re at in your life!

Who are your favorite authors and why?

Some of my favorite authors are Langston Hughes, Sharee Miller and Valerie Pugh Love. All these authors were able to touch the lives of children with inspiration and positivity!

What does creating a legacy mean for you?

Creating a legacy for our children means providing our children with opportunities that their dad and I didn’t have! Our goal is to put them in a position to be able to accomplish anything they put their minds to.

Courtesy of Markevia Mincey.

Markevia is dedicated to being a positive role model for her children. It’s inspiring how she’s creating her own identity while still fulfilling her #1 role; being a loving mother and wife. Besides this, this mompreneur shows the importance of sharing our experiences to help others. This is how we continue to learn and connect with one another. ENSPIRE is happy to highlight this mompreneur in honor of Black History Month! Be sure to check out the Mincey Kidz Adventures book series to share with your loved ones.

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